When painting cups, then right! – Detailed instructions and more 35 inspiring ideas!

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For painting porcelain, ceramics or glass you need special brush pens, so that the illustrated motifs and figures are neither damaged by hand washing or dishwasher. The boring white cups could turn into a real masterpiece in your hands! Or you could leave this pleasant task to your child and enjoy his creativity with tea or coffee. The colorful cups bring joyous mood into the house and prepare an infinite joy for young and old! Just let every new day begin with smile and enthusiasm! For the wintery, cuddly moments of happiness in the cozy home or for the hot summer days in the green garden – at any time and everywhere, the colorful cups contribute to your wellbeing! Below you will find our guide and more clever ideas for transforming the monotonous cups into a unique masterpiece!

What do you need?

Mugs painting materials

Step by step detailed guide

Fast and creative Painting cups:

  • Rinse the cup thoroughly or rub this with alcohol to remove the dust and dirt. Polish the cup and carefully glue a template to the desired location without leaving fingerprints on the surface. In this case, porcelain coloring would not be a particularly good idea, as this will most likely melt away and make the implementation of your original idea more difficult or ruin.

Mugs with different figures decorate

  • Paint the template with the desired color and unfold all your artistic potential by combining different colors. In this case, we have selected a noble design in gold and black:

Creative ideas for the decoration

Cunning ideas for the decoration

  • After 15-20 minutes, carefully peel off the stencil and continue with other figures and colors.

Creativity and enjoy the result

  • Wait at least 24 hours before you rinse the cup to be sure the colors are well dried and do not dissolve under the water jet!

The painted cups are an original and unique gift, especially when you have put all your heart and soul into crafting. This simple DIY task does not take much time; The result achieved is a real pleasure for the eyes!

Golden and black nuances

Decoration ideas for the white cups

Cups with monogram In a creative way

Mugs painting creative with monogram

Only the initial bookbills or rather the whole name?

Decoration ideas crafts with mugs

If you Old nail polish At home, then you can use this to paint the white cups

DIYs by The Sweetest Occasion

Different inscriptions serve as inspiration for the long day ahead

Mugs and simple original ideas

Get rid of negative thoughts and simply enjoy the moment!

Black inscriptions on white mugs brighten the day

Painting cups – For cuddly moments in the cozy home!

Mugs for the cuddly moments

To apply different messages to the mugs

Colorful and creative motives

Painting cups – Please do not touch before the first coffee!

Start the day with laughter

Ideas for freshly in love couples

For freshly in love couples

Or for newly married couples?

Mugs for a love couple

Or for an original and irresistible marriage proposal?

A romantic marriage application

With a time sponge Create a unique work of art

Red flash paint show original ideas

Painting cups – Famous quotations from different bestsellers would also be an option

Painted mugs with quotes from books

Diy ideas and tips

A heart for the booklover

Spring is already here! Birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, the whole of nature is called to life!

A loving gift for the life-dweller

Painting cups – colorful motifs from nature decorate your favorite coffee cups

Golden mugs with flowers for the spring

Coffee cup painting with red flowers

Create artworks from white mugs

Creativity show when tinkering

White versus bamalte mugs

Bird chirping on the mugs

Creative and original ideas

To easter the white mugs

Give loving moments to your whole family!

Mugs in different colors

Take a look at some lovely examples in our gallery!

Brushes white mugs interesting figures

Mugs with a unique design

Star drawing and drinking coffee

Talent and realize imagination

Small heart for big diy ideas

With some movements of the brush create a work of art

With a few strokes of the brush

Bright colors inspire on a cup

Gold and silver on the white cups

Diy heroes and ideas for every occasion

Diy ideas make basteln ideas themselves

Famous faces to life

To bring famous works of art to the mugs

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