21 DIY Desks From Euro-pallets – Money Saving And Individually Set Up

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desks from Euro pallets flowers books

Home Company decorative projects

Wooden pallets can be applied correctly varied. Decorative projects to take home or to individual furniture yourself, pallets fit anywhere. For example a wooden pallet is often enough to make a desk in your home office is feasible. The advantage is that you can select the information, the shape and the design itself. Sure, you will like to have your own work of art.

Throwing together a look, how to build desks from Euro pallets themselves can…

desks from Euro pallets Chair chairs

This table has a glass surface and looks very nice and clean. This image fits comfortably into the modern home office idea.

Remove the first and then make

Desks from Euro pallets office furniture

This desk was made from recycled pallets. His work surface provides plenty of space to work. The interesting thing here is that the euro pallet is been removed first, so that you can make the top.

Extra space for magazines

desks from Euro pallets Roza legs

Between the wood panels of this desk, there is enough room where you can store books or magazines. He is a total painted from a palette and 4 wooden legs in red.

In the corner

desks from Euro pallets table lamp staircase

Another option to our theme is a desktop without legs, which can be attached in a selected area.

Rustic look

desks from Euro pallets pendants

If you do not get a worn and rustic style, repair your existing old palette definitely not!

With rollers

desks from Euro pallets PC Explorer armchair

Here comes a cool idea for a simple look with mounted wheels, which appears quite modern and unusual.

Team work

desks from Euro pallets team work table

Do you have more pallets? Then, you can build the widest working table and take a large team project.

Recycled pallets

desks from Euro pallets stained trays

This is a corner office from recycled pallets. In spite of the pickling, the rustic look has been retained.

Metal and wood

desks from Euro pallets Schwarztaffel PC pins

This piece of furniture is small. Of course, the uppers of wood pallets and the base metal is made.

Make yourself

desks from euro pallet white euro pallet glasses PC

Make your desk alone! First, clean the range by carefully removing the color. Then, you can mount the legs and attach this stable.

Office at home

desks from Euro pallets long desk green wall

This is a beautiful table, which fits perfectly for Office use. Built of wooden pallets, sees this table simply and stylishly and contrasted against the remaining decoration.

Small and compact

desks from Euro pallets glass surface PC

Here comes again the model of the small desk with a glass, which protects the surface of the wood.

In the nursery

desks from Euro pallets desk with pink legs

With this small desk, we come to the idea to save costs. The brightly painted range table fits very well to the nursery.

More space for work

desks from Euro pallets stepped trays

An unusual design for cascading work tables. And so gain more space!

Additional shelf

desks from Euro pallets shelf including

This desk is very practical due to its attractive appearance and the additional space including.

Storage space on both sides

desks from Euro-pallets storage space on both sides

This piece of furniture is both sides characterized as storage space.

Just experiment

desks from Euro pallets decoration on the wall

If you have imagination and wooden pallets, you can experiment varied…


desks from Euro pallets book shelf

Spend no money on bookcase!

Wall unit

desks from Euro pallets photo frameItself, the Cabinet is a good idea to make at home.

Modern and chic look

desks from Euro pallets Office Office

Our 21 DIY were ideas, to build own desks from Euro pallets. Let yourself be inspired and continues to provoke your imagination!

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