Bed Frames Themselves-build – DIY Bed Frame From Euro-pallets

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bedsteads themselves build pallets wood frame bedding

Vintage and rural in the bedroom

Everyone knows the essential part of every bedroom is the bed! Embellish the look in your bedroom with a DIY bed frame from Euro pallets, which requires really a bit of time and space. Decide on the shape of the bed and provide some wooden planks. The pallet bed is your own piece, therefore design it according to your taste.

If your bedroom has a low ceiling, set on a bed frame directly on the floor. Such beds from wooden boards give a fresh, industrial look that is still very lightweight and well balanced. A bed with drawers and shelves, where you can keep the books or clothes, is a totally viable DIY project. In such a way would definitely avoid the mess in the room.

Build bed frames yourself

bed frames themselves build pallets wood frame bed linen

Create original beds made of reusable wooden pallets. Give free rein to your imagination, can still incorporate extra storage space such as drawers or shelves and LED bed lights.  You can also make a dog bed for your pet from the remains of wood and add a soft mattress.

With LED bed lights

bedsteads themselves pallets wood frame bed lights

Attractive bedding und pillow Zebra patterns

bedsteads themselves build pallets wood frame bedding pink minimalist white

bedsteads themselves build pallets wood frame

Large bed frame  directly on the floor

pallets wood bed frames itself building frame large

Laundry Baskets add a rustic touch

bedsteads build pallets wood frame idea

Bedroom in the attic

pallets bedsteads themselves building frame pillow

Factual and unedited

bedsteads building pallets wood pillows duvet

Single bed for singles

yourself building wood frame lamps

Elegant, affordable solution

bed frames yourself building wood frame masculine

Storage space under the bed

bedsteads themselves building wood frame solid

Urban, industrial atmosphere

bed frames yourself pallets wood frame handy

Painted in red

bedsteads pallets wood frame itself building red painted

Boxes as storage boxes

bed frames shutters yourself building pallets wood frame storage space

Bed frame and headboard in wood pallets

bed frame itself build pallets wood frame white painted

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