Bird House Making A Contribution To The Wildlife Itself Building –

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Bird House itself building

DIY Bird House

See all the DIY projects for the garden seems to us to represent this challenge. But it is also very much worth. Because by such House you can make a contribution to the wild life.

Build great Bird House itself

cool Bird House itself building

Find beautiful This DIY idea, but are afraid that she might be too complicated? Don’t worry about it! Through a few simple steps, this can reach everyone.

Required accessories

1. saw

2. arc

3. Hammer

4. drill

5. screwdriver

6 ruler

7 jigsaw

8 brush

9 protection lenses

The required accessories to build a Bird House

Vogelhuas building accessories necessary

Required materials

1 plywood

2. ear

3. rubber gloves

4. stainless steel wood screws

5. Wasserresistenter adhesive

6 sanding paper

7 LaTeX

Prepare the wood pieces

Bird House Plan

Prepare the pieces

You must first draw the pieces on the piece of wood. To make the rectangles exactly, you should use the jig-saw.

Install all the components together

the bird house building


1. using the drill, we make an opening which will represent the entrance to the House. The smallest versions start at 4 cm.

2. with the ear we can including another hole

3. these should be located in the central axis of the two side walls

4. then we should close the gaps under the sloping roof surfaces

5. we create also the floor and fix them to the remaining construction with the screws. This should cut the base in certain places: they should range up to cable interception Rails located inside the front and back of the House

The birds will be pleased also to the booth

great Bird House itself building

Final details

We should grind all surfaces and edges until they are really gentle when handling. Then we put the ear of corn in the small hole under the larger opening.

The House can also be painted. However, have in the sense that each species is attracted by a different shade.

Yet more great examples of Bird House to the build your own… Have fun!

Smooth sand off the edges and surfaces

the Voglehuas coloring

Each bird would like in the box in

yourself build a bird house

Cheerfully painted bird houses

colorful Bird House itself building

Great DIY project

cool Vogelhuas building

Yellow Bird House itself building Sun yellow cottage build

Bird House hung on the tree

hanging Bird House tree

Build a wooden Bird House

simple bird house building

With small stones cover the Bird House

little stones sticking

Simple Bird House

little birdhouse building

Tinkering a bird house out of cardboard

Papphaus for birds

Cool idea to the working

yourself a bird house building

Fancy birdhouse for the professionals

unusual bird house building

Bird feeder as a wall shelf on the outside wall of the Housebirdhouse as a shelf on the wall

Inviting for the birds

birdhouse wood building

Bird House made of sheet in red painted

birdhouse DIY project

Beautiful bird house models as inspiration

Vogelhäushen for professionals

birdhouse same building from coconut implement the coconut in a Bird House

Bird House affixed to the window

Vogelhuas on the window fitting

Cute little house made of cardboard

Voglehaus from Board

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