Build With Pallets – The Original Ideas Know No Limits

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craft ideas with Euro pallets wall build

Building with pallets – what you could make from Euro-pallets

In Porto Alegre, Brazil is the next House. As soon as the family could afford, to purchase his own House, it was sure that you had to give this a distinctive character.

So that went well, that they were given by the Brazilian designer magazines as an example. They are an example of this, as one must proceed if it wants to be on the front page of a magazine.

It has thought of a creative variant for positioning. It has decided to attach it to a wooden pallet. This is only one of the original ideas, which took the family from artful, but she adapted in a very individual manner for their own needs.

How to manage a design magazine on the title page

living room wall color orange build TV wall with Paleten

Materials from the Church and the supermarket

Yes, you read correctly! It has undertaken the reconstruction of a Church close to the House. They had a friend who worked on this project.

It is the boards from Cherry, which represent one of the main elements in the House equipment.

Ah, you are wondering now certainly where you got the pallets? It has just a friend in the supermarket. One has then edited it with paint, which very strongly resembling their natural shading.

They chose the color of the walls with the help of an expert.

Affordable interior design ideas

build with Paleten TV wall living room wall color orange Wall shelves wood

At the decoration left nothing to chance also. The housewife has been viewed many models in decoration magazines.

If you look at the whole thing in detail, one finds that one gone before paying much attention to the details. We watch as the color of the furniture. You have the same color range of the two sofas. So, everything seems high. But through the variety of nuances you ensures also that is the boredom away.

The deal represents another example with floral patterns. Floral motifs are carefully introduced through the curtains and the shelves with flowers on the wall. But, it’s looked that there are corresponding elements in the Interior so. One is the delicate figure of the flower on the inside of the white column.

Practical and creative

creative craft ideas build with pallets DIY wooden shelf love

Necessary tools

materials build tools with wooden pallets

Rebuild the wooden pallet

building with pallets materials tools work process

Last steps

build with pallets tools DIY coffee table itself building

Coffee table with storage space for books

build with pallets living room furniture DIY coffee table itself building

Chic coffee table in Euro-pallets

build with Euro pallets living room furniture DIY coffee table craft ideas

An improvised coffee table

build with pallets coffee table living room furniture cheap

Simple wall shelf

DIY wall shelf ideas themselves building with pallets

Original picture frame

picture frame wood DIY build ideas with pallets

Implemented wooden crates as Wall shelves

wooden boxes Wall shelves themselves build building with pallets

Of pallets build wood shelf

build with pallets bookcase wood itself building

…und an example of wooden boxes

build with pallets crates bookcase wood itself building

You may need a bookcase, then you build it yourself

build with pallets bookcase wood itself build Euro-pallets

Jewellery storage Ideas

build with pallets jewellery storage itself building craft ideas

Open Wall shelves wood

build with pallets wall shelf itself building houseplants pictures

Hanger in the hallway

build with pallets hanger floor set up

Build a shoe rack itself

build with pallets shoe rack wood itself build Euro-pallets

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