DIY Furniture: How Can You Build Yourself A Wood Table

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

Rustikele wooden tables from pallets wooden tables building

So you can build a wooden table itself made of pallets

Wooden pallets, which can carry much weight, are an ever popular expectant method to build wooden tables themselves. Also, it is always easier to find cheap pieces of this type.

DIY furniture: wood tables

coffee table furniture from pallets wooden table itself building

Do you need a wooden table for outdoor use? We describe very much like the simple steps through which such a itself can create. The results are often so appealing, that you can integrate the piece in the interior design.

It would be worthwhile to devote a few minutes to the topic.

How to build a table made of wooden pallets?

Rustikele wooden tables from pallets wooden table itself building

Wooden coffee table with under drawers

wooden tables of Euro pallets wooden table itself building

Original ideas in the DIY-style: draw fresh inspiration!

wooden tables on castors wooden table itself building

Find the matching pallets

Learn how to distinguish the quality of pallets. To do this, you can find many tutorials on the net. You might also someone who will help you further in this regard. What you do is this expertise essential. This can improve the quality of the project and make it even more favorable. The thing is that you can find good palettes also free of charge on the street or in the camps by shops.

A wooden pallet on 4 wheels – simple and functional design

Wooden table itself Bauenrustikele wooden tables from pallets

The number

In order to build a wooden table itself, made of pallets, you need a total of two pieces. This would be large enough for 4-6 persons.

Low-lying, mobile coffee table without room

wooden tables furniture from pallets wooden table itself building

Help to carry

Be aware, however, that the wooden pallets are hard. This ensures the quality of the table afterwards. But, don’t forget that you need help to wear home.

Equipped with a transparent pane of glass

wooden tables pallets roles glass wooden tables themselves building

Grind the surface

You can build a beautiful wooden table yourself if you do not grind the surface. Do that until you get not a really smooth result.

Look like rustic living room tables from Euro-pallets

furniture off pallets wood tables on roles wooden table itself building

Wooden plate with metal bottom drawer

furniture from pallets wooden table itself building

Color and paint

Make the appropriate decisions with regard to the style. Do you want a natural look? Maybe stability is the priority rather in your project and otherwise make a bright accent piece from a wooden table?

Depending on the case, you need color or paint.

Delete the sturdy wooden table in a bright color

furniture from pallets colored paint wooden table itself building

Suitable plastic or metal wheels

As I just said, a wooden table made of pallets is usually very hard. You will certainly need wheels to move the table back and forth! In everyday life, this is very important, you also find?

Provide flexibility to your wood table!

wooden tables furniture from pallets on roller wooden table itself building

Steps of construction

We have allowed the construction of the wooden table made of pallets for the end, because it is almost the simplest moment of the whole project.

Build wooden table itself: Guide in pictures

wooden tables furniture from pallets wooden tables themselves building instructions

The drawers, which form should also be used!

A wooden table made of pallets represents not only a great interface, but also a piece of furniture with much storage room. There, you can turn off many magazines!

The advantages of DIY range tables

coffee table from pallets wooden table itself building

The glass gives the wood table an elegant look

coffee table from pallets with glass wood table itself building

Square wooden table in white from a single range built

white coffee table from pallet wood table itself building

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