DIY Projects – Home-made Plants Stand For Your Room

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DIY projects planters geometric pattern

DIY projects for home and garden

You might have an empty corner in your House that has a cold? Not there a few flowers would be just the thing to refresh the whole thing?

A noticeable swing comes in, you need something dramatic and eye barrel end. You should bring something of substance use.

You already tried pot refresh the ambience with a terra cotta, but it had not the desired effect? Then it’s time to be more creative.

Are you looking for some creative DIY projects for plants stand and container? If Yes, then stay here!

With us, the works are very easy to create and represent a great method, through which you can transform the room.

DIY ideas for plant stand

DIY projects plant rack wood mid-century

We start now with the plant stands. Even if you create the perfect plant container, you will need enough room to position them. We start with a great project of the company beautiful mess ! It’s a model indicator for style of the modern from the last century. Their appeal lies in large part in the retro character. Incredibly, you can liven the atmosphere as a result.

DIY projects two-stage plant stand

Next we want to introduce the project concrete and copper by Claire Zakheus from Camille Styles . So this piece to the today’s theme perfectly! The look is rough, modern and fabulous and you have that for the large part of the materials used and the simple forms due to.

DIY concrete and copper projects

DIY projects plant rack copper

We move from circles to squares! These plants with modern lines originate from homey Oh my! The containers were made from wood and ceramic. Especially great, personally, I think the ability to personalize this work upon request by tiles.

Wood and ceramic

DIY projects of modern plants stand simple lines

You have the blogger author Elise Blaha Cripe owes this design here. You have plenty of space available, in which you can present many different plants. Many of today’s projects include the jazz up the flower pots by color. But the natural Terra cotta shade is an inseparable property of this wonderful plant container project here.

DIY for plant stand made of wood

DIY projects plant rack wood

This plant container is a contemporary work of art in my opinion. It was manufactured by the company home made modern. Note the clean lines, the uniform rows of plants fresh colors. So divine, isn’t it?

While the project will cost no more than 30 euros and can be finished within two hours. Believe me! I’ve tried it!

Vertical garden

DIY projects plant shelf vertical garden

Did you get fancy on craft? Very well, you will need a ladder. Yes, you have been properly understood: a ladder! Keep everything in earthy shades, or paint the whole thing for a modern look. It is up to you.

In any case, provide a personal touch. You have exactly this plant stand by funky junk interiors reached.

Stairs – plant stand

DIY projects plants stand stairs

Here we have a plant stand to sell. I find inspiring alone watching. I’m going to steal the idea. I actually wonder whether a fold-out Chair or long tubs would be also suitable materials for this purpose. [according to Gardenista]

Folding chair

DIY projects small staircase plant stand

DIY projects

Would you like some more plants containers now? The next image has actually inspired me to in large part to this article. It represents a modern pillar-shaped plant container. The idea comes from Curbly. I got on it while I was looking for inspiration for the facilities of a lounge in the outdoor area.

You can also get this idea to use if you later would like to form a vignette.

In the outdoor area

DIY projects plant planter

The making of this DIY of modern plant container by Seattle Refined is super easy. To do this, you need to buy two flower pots. Then sprinkle it with a color of your choice.

Colored planters

DIY projects plant white yellow übertopfe

You made great the ceramic flower pot here. You have been immersed in color. You can implement the idea by cheap plant containers from IKEA and use this leftover paint. This project symbolizes the intelligent approach in design.

Ceramic planters

DIY projects plants übertopfe ceramic

Do you have an old filing cabinet? Turn it into a plant container! Remove the drawers, set it horizontally, add a layer of Rust Oleum. So almost everything is ready!

Plant container

DIY projects planters colored

If the talk is of old cabinets anyway, we should talk about the great project of HomeMade. It is to a stone DIY plant container, which was created out of an old cabinet. On roles, you can slide easily back and forth the overall design. Actually, this can be easily lifted.

Pflanazenconteiner stone with roles

DIY projects plants stand concrete role

At the end of this article I would like to introduce three great plant containers. They are super easy to make, and this is one whose endearing characteristics.

Also, all plants containers have passed the time test.

To imitate the first example you need painter adhesive tapes, foam brushes, and color of your choice almost exclusively. Thus, you can attach basic shapes of the pots.

Bi-colored planters

DIY projects planters painted

The next DIY plant container was ever a scent candle holders. Do you recognize him? The openings which have previously held the candles now make room for the plants. My honest opinion is that for this purpose the Succulents represent the best choice.

Scented candle holders

DIY projects plant rack wood decoration

Now, we really close the article with a great hanging plant containers. The best you should use a very light flower pot. Start with a plant container made of plastic.

Hanging plant containers

DIY projects plant planter

So easy you can do, something beautiful from a cheap flower pot with rope and shower ring!

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