Great DIY Projects – Make Interesting Furniture Of Car Tires

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stool or side table craft ideas

Interesting DIY project from car tires

Hello, everybody! Would like to learn something new in the field of DIY furniture today? If Yes, then here we have something great for you ready!

Car tires are the product which we want to present you today. This allows some different DIY projects realize. Today we want to show you how to make comfortable seats from it.

This is as easy as child’s play!

Easy DIY projects

DIY projects table from car tires

The materials needed to do so are the following: tires, two MDF plate 60 × 60 cm, cable, silicone, metal screws, rubber blocks made of plastic, slings, latex and water color.

On the MDF panels you should design then each a circle in each, which corresponds to the circumference of the tyre. You could make this very easy, by measuring the mass of these with the help of a small rope off. Then make a circle so.

Then you cut this from the MDF board. Then we should attach the adhesive to the tire. Do all this tire along. Then you should put the already-cut MDF it and circle and fasten by means of four screws.

great DIY projects

Just rotate the tires on the other side and repeat the same thing.

Now, we are ready to apply the rope. You have the rope on it. We should wrap like a circle circular this from the Centre to the edge of the tire like a snail.  Before each new circle, you should cover the area with glue. For this DIY project well succeed, you should run necessarily very close together the various circles.

Just so you can reach a great appearance. If you’ve already covered the surface, then go over to the pages. If the rope suddenly goes off, then continue with another piece. Everything will be already consistent.

Hard to see that it’s a car tire

DIY stool off car ready

The second page of this DIY furniture, so the lower DIY plate should then be the ground. Beer rubber pads should be attached to the MDF board for this purpose.

Colour execution comes at the end of this project. The color should be applied in uniform strips. You could run them also two-tone! To succeed, you wrap an area with tape and paint including. If you remove it, only this area will be deleted, what you really want. Apply also the paint to the end.

Our pictures will give you more craft ideas with car tires.

The tires also colorful tinker

also a great DIY idea

Convenient coffee table

car tyres as a breakfast table

An idea for the racing fans

tires tables on wheels

Cool garden ornaments from car tires

craft ideas garden ornaments from car tires

Easily made flower raised beds

flower raised beds from car tires DIY projects

Round mirror for the table surface

coffee table from car tires DIY idea

Colorful stool on wheels

DIY projects tires on wheels

Design the garden with colorful car tires

DIY projects with car tires

Great craft idea for bookshelves on the wall corner

DIY projects Bookshelf

OffBeat Magazine shelf

DIY projects to the yourself DIY

Cool tree swing for children

easy DIY projects from car tires

Use demand – as a stool or as a side table

stool from car tires DIY projects

A really cute idea

easy DIY projects

Luminous table made of car tires

luminous table off car ready

Yellow cushion on the white-painted car tires

furniture from car tire craft

Also try this craft idea

cushion off tire

Car tyres – stool that luxurious look

great stool from car tires

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