House Stairs: So Take Yourself On The Measure Of Your Wooden Staircase

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wooden staircase remodeling fancy wooden stairs ideas

So you take the measure of your wooden staircase

Building a wooden staircase is a complicated process. For reliable results, you should set the best qualified personnel. But how do I search out these? We offer you an approach that has proved the most suitable among many people.

In the first step, you make the calculations of the mass of the stairs. Then take it to various professionals and discuss the possible cost and duration of work that. You decide at the end for the person, which has inspired the most confidence in you.

Build wood staircase itself – is this a good idea?

wooden staircase itself building or remodeling flooring wood

By having the numbers about the project in mind, you could estimate better objective the quality of offers which are made for you.

The professionals come to your home, to verify the calculations and to start the project.

Examples of modern and unusual wood stairs

house stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs glass

The preliminary cost estimate themselves do not as complicated as you might think-

To prepare and run the measuring of the parameters for the future wood stairs in three steps!

Mass of wooden stairs in three steps take

House stairs renovation modern wooden staircases, solid wood furniture

Stairs and furniture made of solid wood

House stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs and furniture images

The preparation

Check the local regulations and guidelines on building wood stairs. Sometimes there to be rules for indoor use, which serve the larger security seriously.

House stairs design

House stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs pictures

Now you determine the height of the stairs. She must be well so that that all future users can move freely. Calculate the number of steps and the total length of the structure.

Determine the height and width of the stairs myself

house stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs

Calculate number of typesetting and steps and the length

To do this, measure the distance from the ground up to the first floor. Divide the result in 7.5. Thus you calculate the number of risers, you will need within the project. Now drag 1 from it and you get the number of treads.

Now to find out the optimal length of the stairs, you multiply this result by 10.

The number of steps is important

House stairs itself building wood stairs remodeling flooring wood

It only remains to add the biggest climbing slant and the extent of the upper departure level. This step is very important. Thus you know in how far the tread goes beyond the riser.

After all these dimensions, you could get a comprehensive picture of the staircase design.

Do you have a clear idea of the future construction of the staircase?

House stairs renovation examples modern wooden stairs yourself building

The final calculations

Now it’s time to calculate the thickness of the upper floor beams, the dry wall and the actual surface of the upper floor. The sum of these must be added to the height.

Take advantage of the space under the wooden staircase

House stairs itself build modern wooden stairs with desk

Porch with open shelves including

house stairs itself build modern wooden stairs with storage space

The result of the sum of the two should be separated by the number of stages. So you get the right number of steps in the stairs passage, so that you reach the right height at the same time.

Multiply this result now by 10 and add the thickness of upper riser and the radius of the Antirttsstufe.

Think also of the lighting in the stairway

House stairs examples wooden stairs lighting staircase

The material for the wooden staircase

Now it comes to the computation of the actual construction process of the wooden staircase. If you understand this, you would understand much better the also necessary costs.

Wood and metal combination

House stairs renovation examples modern apartment wooden stairs itself building

After you have made these dimensions yourself, you might go to different providers and discuss the conditions for the price. This saves you time and costs compared to the case that someone comes to you home, to make this work.

2 in 1 – custom made solutions

House stairs modern wooden stairs with storage closet wood

After you’ve found a specialist for the construction of the wooden staircase, he should calculate everything still on site. So, make sure that no calculation errors arise.

Individual treads made of wood

House stairs itself build modern wooden stairs single

Complete wooden furnishings

House stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs wood floor

Unusual stair designs

House stairs renovating fancy wooden stairs with storage space

Stair railings in white

House stairs renovation modern wooden stairs building ideas

Elegant design and stability

House stairs yourself building fancy wooden stairs

There are clever solutions for each problem

House stairs yourself building examples modern wooden stairs

Originality is always in demand

House stairs yourself building or renovating fancy wooden stairs

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