Making Vintage Furniture By Yourself: Processing Tips For Wood Furniture

The custom-made look, the original appearance and the vintage furniture have been around for a long time trendy , Probably this has a simple explanation: one would like to express one’s personality through the establishment. If you want to have the vintage furniture as you would imagine, then you should make it yourself. With the next guide, we will show you how to make vintage furniture yourself.

We show you simple technique for the vintage painting, which you can apply practically on all smooth surfaces. The easiest way to do this is to work with tables or drawers. However, other items can also be refined with an antique or vintage look.

Table for the living room

The preparation

Before you make the vintage furniture yourself, you should clean it thoroughly. This applies with full force also to the wood furniture. Depending on how the piece of furniture looks, it takes different kind of treatment. You must remove the paintbrushes, grind the uneven surface and degrease the remnants.

There are special means in the trade that you can use. In several cases, however, you can also use some wood sanding machines for the wider areas and sandpaper for the others instead of the industrial wood degreasing machines, or to remove the residues that have arisen during processing with the sand machine.

Piece of furniture for wall diy

Making vintage furniture yourself: To process the wood step by step

After cleansing the surfaces, proceed to the primer. If you Wood furniture With drawers, you can put the edges under cardboard. In this way, avoid over-spraying.

Allow the surface to dry for a certain period of time and then work with spray paint. Each brand has its own characteristics and therefore we advise you to carefully read and follow the instructions on the package.

They often also include hints for the tools you use best to apply the paint. In some cases it works well with a sponge and in others – with brush.

Diy great chest of drawers

Get the coveted vintage look

Now it comes to the most exciting part, namely, to give the painted spots an antique appearance. If you are working with a chest of drawers, the drawers must be removed. The special vintage color should be applied to the larger surfaces with a brush. Then use a sponge for the drawers. Complete the whole thing by applying a second layer to achieve a better vintage effect. Let you dry, enjoy the result and go to the next fabulous project.

Drawers for every room

Vintage in blue
Vintage in light blue
Vintage furniture in attractive blue
Vintage and blue
White and vintage