“Old Make New Furniture”-recycling Of Furniture Is Fun And Good For The Environment

Each piece of furniture has its charm and especially if it has some days under their belt. Certainly you can pick up at any time a new piece of furniture, if it no longer does the old good piece, but the charisma and uniqueness of an old piece of furniture is priceless.

Here, one must not necessarily immediately separate themselves from the good piece, just because it has perhaps in the years and looks worn out. Easily again new masterpieces can be from old pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets and benches for example, wonderfully with some few handles and finger dexterity set up. The spice up old pieces of furniture creating not only space for creativity, but is also very environmentally friendly.

“Old make new furniture”-a touch of antique

diy ideas from old make new furniture

The old wooden kitchen table, where beautiful weddings were celebrated, the daily breakfast was held and the children played. Its surface is covered in scratches and the coating is brittle. It is however still no piece of furniture that should be disposed of. How about a brand new coat of paint? Because especially wooden tables are ideal, to a few a few steps back to the focal point of the room are can leave. He is painted, can be ground off the surface with a grinder and the natural grain of the wood will appear again. It now takes a breathable glaze in white, deletes the table carefully, the color can be dry, he looks even now like new again.

Spice up you can then easily stroking over it again with this color, dry leaves, and now with the sandpaper (coarse) at all corners and edges slightly on the surface, the first layer a little anschleift of the table and who wants to the whole thing. Thus, the table gets antique a special outfit and a touch. Of course, you could do the same also, and build furniture itself, then later as well edited and refined accordingly. The Kälken or matt white paint and again grinding is simple and environmentally friendly, if you use exclusively a breathable color without solvent, which in addition also the best this looks.

craft ideas from old make new furniture

Old chair – new seat

Especially chairs show, if much used, quickly first traces of use. Wiggle the legs, the back is loose, or undo the bolts on armrest and seat themselves again and again. In most cases however, not like the colour or the seat is very worn. Here too, a new coat of paint will help, the fittings can be replaced and the rest may be newly glued. The Outer fabric of the seat can be loosened from mostly very well, then you choose a new swatch, while it cuts to fit little waste on the seat, and is the edges of the fabric with a dull knife o. ä. Under the version of the seat. If no version is available, you can tie the fabric with special upholstery rivets. And already, each Chair is to the absolute favorite seat.

Europe Latvians bed – make new out of old furniture

moebel out pallets of old make new furniture

Euro-pallets as a piece of furniture

By benches, deck space to chill, up to the bed. Almost every piece of furniture can tinker from Euro-pallets. The Normgößen of pallets enable a very easy to operate and cropping and even as a shelf or dresser with drawers these pallets are true quick-change artist. Take, for example, four pallets stacked, she coat with a light breathable, clear glaze without solvent, or in any color, has a wonderful dresser in no time. Just on the surface of a customized wood panels or glass, also put, fix finished. The respective openings of the pallets serve as drawers, now must be only regularly looking after matching drawers (bulky waste, etc.), and you have a very unique and cool Dresser for each area.

Off old make new furniture – design your own old furniture new

reshape the old furniture from old furniture make new

Old make new furniture

old chair design old make new furniture

old make new moebel-basteliden