Pergola Build Itself – Ideas, Pictures And Video Instructions

What still belongs to the beautiful and practical Landscaping , Which will give a special touch to your cozy summer holidays and nights? A garden pergola is the missing puzzle part here.

A gazebo Offers comfort and cosiness, which are certainly worth your trouble. We suggest you build a pergola yourself. Bring on your creativity and craftsmanship and proudly enjoy the end result. We are firmly convinced that you will cope with the construction of the construction.

We did a little research and found the following useful video on the Internet. This will focus your attention on the most important aspects of building a pergola.

Create a pergola with six support posts and grids on both sides – instructions

Holzpergola to the self-made

Holzpergola self build wooden beam cottage construction

No matter if you are exactly this model wood Build the pergola itself Or a similar, the materials you basically need are the following:

– wooden beams (longitudinal and transverse)

– Wooden support posts and metal sleeves

– Screws

– Tool

– Sketch with precise dimensions and craftsmanship

Holzpergola with four support posts according to plan

Wood pergola self-build wooden beam garden construction build

Sit down and think about the construction of your pergola in detail

Wood pergola self build wooden beam cottage construction

Four head covers will perfectly support the pergola construction

Wood pergola self build wooden beam construction

Green pergola construction attached to the facade

Green wood pergola self build veranda stone visibility fabric

This wood pellet has a concrete fundament

Pergola self build wooden beams bettonplatten

Garden Pergola itself build and colorful

Wood podest pergola self build build wooden beam garden build build colorful

Would not a pergola with a hängebank in your garden dream?

Wood podest pergola build your own hängebank swing

Or do you prefer to create a living area under the”Gartenlaube”? You need the right ones garden furniture

Pergola self-build wooden beam stone slabs dining area wood construction

Decorate your newly built pergola with hanging flower heads

Wood podest pergola self build wooden beam veranda

… or the climbing plants are a brilliant idea, also called as Visibility and sun protection is

Pergola self build wood beam plants flooring gravel

If you want to build a stable pergola yourself, please consult the expert in this area

Build your own DIY Pergola – the DIY project for your garden

Pergola self build wooden beams wood flooring canopy
A recreation site in the garden

A beautiful oasis for the garden

Kitchen corner with rocking bench

Garden pond next to the garden bergola

Small pergola itself

Pergola with fireplace built by yourself

Sun protection over the jacuzzi