Wall Shelf Itself Build – Instructions In 6 Steps

Small decorative DIY shelf to the Seberbauen

Today we have can create an idea how to create a creative wall design and at the same time some storage space for your decorative items for you. With a small, but very chic wall shelf, this task is fabulous succeed.

Wall shelves are always a great idea – they take up little space and offer plenty of storage space. And if you can also build a shelf, then save out a real black catch at the wall.

We want to build a wall shelf, so today myself. Stick with it,…

Wall shelf itself build – instructions

wall shelf itself build DIY decoration ideas ornaments

You will need the following materials here:

♦ 2 or more wooden boxes (without cover)

♦ Saw

♦ Wood glue

♦ Color for wood

♦ Brush

♦ Pen and ruler

♦ Wood varnish

♦ Hammer and nails

Materials for the subsequent DIY project

wall shelf itself building materials DIY shelf build

Step 1

Place two wooden boxes very close together – so as you can imagine this in the end position. Then mark the points where the one box should be cut with the pencil.

Step 2

With the saw, cut the corner exactly at the marked points. Now, both wooden boxes should fit together well.

Step 3

A thin layer apply wood glue on both ends, where the box was cut and allow it to dry according to the instructions on the back of the bottle.

Step 4

Fix the structure with 2 nails on each side, as shown in the image below. So are you sure that your shelf is stable.

The basic design of the shelf is assembled in 4 steps

wall shelf your own DIY build furniture shelf build

Step 5

Now is the time for color! In this step you can give free rein to your creativity. We have opted for a subtle paint and have deleted only the box edges in light green. You could choose but free colors and patterns of your choice.

Step 6

As a last step, paint your new wooden shelf and let it dry. The paint is used as an additional layer of protection.

Paint and paint the shelf

wall shelf yourself ideas build manual DIY decoration

Proudly hang your DIY rack on the wall and decorate it with plants and small decoration!

DIY shelf as a creative wall decoration

wall shelf itself build DIY decoration ideas

For more inspiration, we have collected examples for you. Check these out and design your own wall shelf. Are already familiar with the construction principle, so just get started!

Build wall shelf itself – more original ideas

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Set color accents

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Paint the edge in a bold hue

build wall shelf itself Guide DIY wood shelf itself build

With lid

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Rustic accents

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Diamond wall

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Simple form with great effect

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Simple shelving for contemporary

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You can even build corner shelves

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A different Bookshelf

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Also as bedside table can be used

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