32 Stylish Decoration Ideas For Easter – Decorate The Mantel!

Editor   March 4, 2013   Comments Off on 32 Stylish Decoration Ideas For Easter – Decorate The Mantel!

beautiful Easter decoration idea egg wreath Wall Mantel wood dark

Decorate the Mantel festive Easter! -32 beautiful decoration ideas for Easter

This year comes the feast of Easter soon – end of March. If you want to decorate your fireplace mantel not only in the spring style, but also with some beautiful, decorative elements for Easter, here are a few thematic ideas are there. Dyed Easter eggs are the first thing that immediately occurs to us, if we the word ‘ Easter ‘ listen. Regardless of whether you use artificial or real eggs, chicken or quail eggs, paint them colorfully and make one or more beautiful, original egg wreaths. Spring flowers such as daffodils would be stylish and appropriate addition to the Easter eggs, Easter Bunny and beautiful porcelain figurines of animals. Add garlands and wreaths, some images and captions of your choice. And voila! -Your elegant mantel is ready!

Colorful, original artificial Easter eggs and balls on the Mantel – decoration ideas for Easter

decoration idea Easter purple Rosa Grün yellow stained mantel

Pink solid wreath from plastic, glass egg container with colorful Easter eggs in there

eggs holder colorful decoration idea atmosphere festive Rosa Kranz plastic mantel

Brilliant, plastic Easter eggs hanging in front of the fireplace – original Garland

glittering artificial eggs hanging fireplace mantel decoration ornament

Glasses full of colored Easter eggs on the Mantel

glass Easter eggs coloured idea Deco mantel original thematically

Bright and beautiful spring decoration on the Mantel – variety of colors and porcelain figurines

lurid round mirror decorative mantel idea Easter themed

Decorative bright green shutters on the mantel and a wreath of flowers that hung

green decorative window flower wreath white mantel Garland caption

Hanging large and small artificial colorful Easter eggs before the granite fireplace

hanging artificial eggs granite fireplace black decoration Easter

Fresh plants in metal pots and Easter Bunny porcelain – spring decoration

metal pots grass fresh mantel decoration Easter idea

A bouquet of narcissus, yellow and blue colors glowing candles in candlesticks – the dominating

Daffodil yellow blue glowing candles Hälzer festive Easter mantel

Simple yet attractive wreath made of paper made over the Mantel hungProverbs in frame – thematic Frühlingsdeko

original wreath paper pictures Easter decoration mantel Easter eggs blue

Decorative trees with round tops of trees in flower pots and a themed wreath made of MOSS in between

Easter wreath moss green bright trees decorative white porcelain Easter idea

Wreath of plastic Easter eggs and a porcelain vase with fresh spring flowers

porcelain vase of white flowers artificial eggs wreath pictures Easter Bunny blackdelicate, pink tulips in a glass vase, white stills and yellow Easter eggs to image tulips pink tender white mantel decoration Easter

Nice, festive decoration for Easter over the stone fireplace

stone white fireplace mantel candle wreath branch Easter mirror white decorationstylish decoration ideas to Easter colorful colourful themselves makeStylish decoration ideas for Easter cheerful mantel wreaths Easter eggsstylish decoration ideas for Easter spring flower pot tree decorativestylish decoration ideas for Easter spring mantel freshnessstylish decoration ideas for Easter yellow mantel mirror daffodilsstylish decoration ideas for Easter Hell Fröhlich Schön pleasant mirror mantelstylish decoration ideas for Easter mantel garlands triangle frame greenstylish decoration ideas for Easter mantel porcelain Easter Bunny flower wreathstylish decoration ideas for Easter mantel porcelain vase of white flowersstylish decoration ideas for Easter Easter Bunny mantel flowers wall clock garlandsstylish decoration ideas for Easter Easter Bunny candles spring wreathstylish decoration ideas for Easter Easter Bunny porcelain colorful Garlandstylish decoration ideas for Easter porcelain figurine wood mantel dark egg wreathwall plate decoration idea Easter Easter wreath candles fireplace mantel classic equipmentbeautiful colorful festive purple porcelain bunnies Easter decoration brick wall manteldelicate Pink Purple spring flowers mantel mirror porcelain eggs idea decorationdecorations garlands label Easter white mirror mantel candle holder silver

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