Creative Christmas Tree Decorations – As You Original Christmas Balls Yourself DIY

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creative Christmas tree ornaments in five techniques

Creative Christmas tree ornaments to tinker very easily

Creative Christmas decorations – this sounds very appealing, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Today we present you 5 smart ideas on how you can make cool Christmas decorations themselves. Open your hobby Cabinet and check whether there enough fabric ribbons, wrapping paper, glitter and glue are. Very simple, the best clear Christmas balls serve as basis. On the basis of this creative decorating, soon you will make out beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, which looks exactly as elegant in a silver bowl, as you can see it above.

Creative Christmas tree ornaments – what are the 5 craft techniques?

Stickers and monograms
Strips of paper as filling
Interior colour
Colorful remnants of cardboard as a filling

You will find a wide variety of Christmas designs or other labels in the craft store that can combine desire and so ornate a transparent Christmas bauble. A fabric loop in a suitable colour perfectly rounds off the ball.

Christmas in red

creative Christmas tree ornaments with Red Ribbon and Red patterns

The next technique was used very popular and diverse in recent years. Typically performed with napkins, that’s why it’s called also decoupage. Here you can see that you can use this technique also ideally suited for your Christmas decorations. Instead of napkin, you need a thin, patterned wrapping paper, preferably with Christmas motifs. In this case, star as patterns have been chosen. Napkin glue, paint the ball and throw the wrapping paper. Smoothing and sealing should apply a layer of adhesive on the paper.

After drying your Christmas ball to attach is ready

creative Christmas tree ornaments with delicate stars

If you are not a big fan of decoupage, you can try it with the next Austrahlt. It comes back to wrapping paper, only in this case you need any glue, but just a pair of scissors. The wrapping paper with Christmas wishes or greeting words is particularly suitable. Cut thin strips and fill the transparent ball thus.

Add a fabric loop in a color corresponding with the fill

creative Christmas tree ornaments filled with strips of paper

To successfully the technology of indoor coloring, you should first wash with water from the inside of the balls and let dry. Then you can work quietly with the Interior coloring with one or more colors. Best take acrylic metallic paints. Start with the next color only after drying previous.

Glitter stones and filigree snowflake stickers are the perfect complement

creative Christmas ornaments snow Crystal with large rhinestone

You may still have in your craft closet lie the remains of colored cardboard? Then, this last craft technique could prove very useful and convenient for you. Cut thin strips and roll it up. After plugging in, they are easy to roll out and achieve this great effect, as shown below.

You can also write words of greeting on the ball or use stickers

creative Christmas tree ornaments transparent tree ball with colorful cardboard strips

Festive and sparkling

creative Christmas tree ornaments shiny and matte

Have you received already the mood to decorate? Then you can start already to make your Christmas balls. You hopefully even convinced himself that creative Christmas decorations need not necessarily significant time and effort.

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