DIY Marble Decorations – Ornate Marble Tiles

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DIY marble decoration art art

DIY marble art project

Looking for ideas for a DIY wall project at the weekend? Today’s short post will be the right choice for you eh. Get ready for some their own marble projects!

All you need are: water bucket, Nail Polish and a canvas of your choice! You can create a super great artwork with these materials only, which is with the marble trend in line!

We love marble on Freshideen. I collect to marble tiles and arrange them out around my house. Below is from the vicinity of one of my favorite pieces. These are green tiles with interesting color variations and veining.

With its complexity and Visual texture, it has inspired me to my projects.

DIY marble ornaments

decoration effect DIY marble

We start!

DIY marble decoration Nail Polish

Here is the list of the accessories that you need:

-Nail Polish with the colors of your choice

-Skewers or other sticks with which you can swirl the polishing

-A surface on which you implement the project, such as paper or canvas

-Disposable container


Instead of having to buy a brand new paint, you should see if you have any, you can use. If you no longer want to use it on your feet then chances are very high, use the paint for art.

You chose for the indicated project green, cream and peaches

DIY marble decoration Nail Polish colors

Four colors

DIY marble Dekoartike black Nail Polish colors

The stages of successful marble art project

Let’s start with something very encouraging: the project can be achieved very quickly. Yes, friends, do not worry! It is important that you work in well ventilated areas. Consider also to protect your hands with gloves.

Level 1:

DIY marble decoration plastic box

Fill a disposable container with water.

If you have no such, then you cannot condone a plastic, buy specially for the case

ornaments stains DIY marble paint

Step 2: Pour the nail polish in the vessel.

The nail polish sets quickly, so pour one after the other the nail polish

DIY marble decoration effect tiles

Level 3: With a stick, you stir the nail polish.

So you will reach the marble effect

DIY canvas marble ornaments white background

Step 4: Place a canvas or piece of paper to the container.

Then, lift it and let it dry.

We recommend you to work with small areas

DIY design idea marble ornaments green red

Helpful tricks and projection tips

DIY marble ornaments green red yellow pattern

If you want to create more than a work of art, you should ensure that the water between the different immersion phase remains clean. You can quickly remove the already solid substance with a stick.

The project shown here could hang wonderfully in a master bedroom from the 80s. But you can realize even more wonderful ultra bold projects.

Don’t shy away from this bold accents!

DIY marble decoration craft ideas

It’s also nice to create multi-colored canvases that you will otherwise apply. Because usually, not all will comply with your wishes.

If everything goes well, it is all the more better!

DIY marble decoration design tile paper

As regards the issuing of this art, you have virtually no limits. Hang them on the wall or reject the work on the book shelf.

Or why not think of this before the tiles, as shown below?

DIY marble decoration artwork

I’m glad to see that you took part in our adventure! When taking your own?

DIY succulent marble ornaments houseplants tiles

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