Gifts Original Packaging – Beautiful Gift Packaging Craft

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Cute, creative gift boxes for every occasion

The packaging for gifts to protect not only the content, but give it a festive and unique look that every birthday child will delight. Opt for different packaging styles if you want to not throw away gift wrapping after first use.

Original Pack gifts

gifts original packaging creative girl

Here we have a collection of packaging ideas, how you can do it yourself without help from friends. Make for a memorable, celebratory moment, in which you give the gift of your friend or relative. Although it is winter holiday, birthday, Valentine’s day or so without cause, our craft ideas of use will be.

Extravagant and festive

gifts original packaging elegant formal

Silver heart

gifts original packaging feminine

Rural and compact

gifts original packaging carefully loop

Choose a glass as gift packaging

gifts original packaging funny creative glass

Simple bag with a felt heart decorated

gifts original packaging funny creative lovingly

Cardboard box with patterned Ribbon trim

gifts carton packaging funny creative cardboard

Love with all my heart!

gifts heart original packaging funny creative romantic

Red Ribbon

original packaging funny creative red polka dots

Rural appearance

gifts original packaging funny creative rustic

Small and elegant Valentine’s day

gifts original packaging funny creative velvet red

Pink paper tape

gifts packaging funny creative loop

Black and formal, but still festive packed

gifts packaging funny creative black texture

Red and white threads, as well as strips of paper

gifts beautiful packaging funny creative strips

As a decorative accent set garden rose

gifts packaging rose cute

Antique keys

gifts original nice packing red fabric

Wooden Clothespin

gifts gold paper original packaging packaging

Packaging made from newspapers flower loop gifts original packaging newspapers

According to the paper technique itself make three felt roses

existing materials gifts packaging simple rural