Make Last-minute Advent Wreath Yourself, Very Fast And Easy!

It’s really five to twelve. The first Advent is just around the corner and you do not even have an Advent wreath? Oh no! Well, better late than never. Relax first and take a deep breath! Because we have the solution: Last-minute Advent wreath make yourself. And how? But you need so much time and a clever hand? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! DIY Advent wreath It can also be mastered quickly and easily with very simple materials that you already have at home or can easily get from the garden, cellar or park.

Advent wreath – meaning and tradition

Just think about the”wreath edge”out! Why should only the classic Advent wreath of spruce or fir green be? Of course, the symbolism! And for many of us, despite its clever, creative ideas, it’s still pretty important, especially when it comes to Christmas. For, as most of us already know, the circle represents the eternal cycle of life and death as well as the changing seasons and day and night. The four candles symbolize the light, which becomes more and more with each Sunday of Advent and on Christmas Eve, with the birth of Jesus, completely shining. Four is a popular integer and symbolizes not only the four cardinal points, but also the four elements in general.

Make a rustic Advent wreath itself

fast advent wreath itself make pillar candles walnuts

The colors that are used to make the Advent wreath itself, of course, are in principle not insignificant. Red stands for love and fire and white is the paradise color that symbolizes purity and innocence. And Violet is actually the traditional Advent color according to the Christian rules in many regions in the north.

All important symbols that have more or less priority for each of us. Of course, you should decide in this regard what you value more – shape, materials, colors…

As soon as you are aware of this, you can start calmly.

Upcycling meets Advent wreath

diy ideas advent wreath itself make tin cans white candles

Advent wreath itself make a difference

We decided this year to focus on nature and purism. That’s why we will make our DIY Advent wreath completely natural this time and use only white candles. To make the color balance, we will red Christmas balls and a few small pinecone lay down here and there on a few spruce branches. As a basis, we take an old serving plate that has been left by grandma in the basement. This we have beautifully polished with a clean towel and has thanked us with nostalgic silver shine. Gorgeous!

The ripe rose hips from the garden and the cinnamon stars, which we still want to bake, will give our last-minute Advent wreath the finishing touch. Sprinkle with cinnamon and icing sugar… Done!

Advent wreath itself is also very purist

long white candles tree branches pine cones serve Adventskranz itself

Here, we just improvised quickly, but you can do it as well, because you can use practically anything for Advent arrangements – natural materials, such as fir green and cones, berries, nuts, apples, moss, cinnamon and candy canes, freshly baked cookies and gingerbread, old glasses, cups, the baking pan or even old wooden boxes, bottles and tin cans.

Tree slices and thicker branches as well as wooden shells look very homely

yarn fabric ribbons holzklotze cinnamon stars adventskranz make yourself

Be inspired by these simple but ingenious Advent wreath ideas and create your very special and unique masterpiece.

Happy work and a good luck wishes you the Freshideen-Redaktion!

A contemplative Advent season with a puristic aftertaste

Advent wreath itself make with white candles holzklotz

The unused retro cups become elegant candleholders

simple advent wreath itself make white candles moss

And the wooden jewelry box is made as for Advent wreath

Advent wreath itself make wooden box moss pine cones white pillar candles

With mini Christmas balls and string you can do wonders

Advent wreath itself make simple idea last white candles tree ornaments fir green
christmas tree ornaments small candles adventskranz make yourself

Just like with the baking pan!

cake wreath itself make pink long candles thongs
old baking mold moss making white candles adventskranz itself

To make a very fragrant Advent wreath itself

last minute advent wreath itself make spices cinnamon orange christmas cookies

Which should not necessarily be there as a wreath

orange walnuts make white candles adventskranz itself

Especially star anise, walnuts and cinnamon sticks are perfect for the DIY Advent wreath

walnuts star anise cinnamon sticks fir green adventskranz make yourself

Original, delicious and vintage…

vintage advent wreath itself made of old porcelain cups

… or rather modest and romantic with star candles

Advent wreath itself quickly make DIY idea with red candles

And how about a coffee-scented Advent wreath with a masculine touch?

last minute advent wreath itself make coffee scented candles

Walnuts and cinnamon complete the whole thing

walnuts fir green pillars adventskranz make yourself
Dark Pillar Candles Adventskranz itself make walnuts

Or do you rather prefer rustic classic?

Advent wreath itself on plates with cones of white candles
Advent wreath itself make white candles moss tap red grind
classic advent wreath itself make red candles gold cones fir green
rustic advent wreath itself make white candles cones

Old flower pots awake to new life

last minute advent wreath itself make four candles christmas tree decorations

Or would you like to enjoy Advent so puristically this year?

white long candles moss mugs make advent wreath itself
Natural adventskraz make moss yourself
last minute advent wreath itself made of sand christmas balls and white candles
upcycling holzkiste adventskranz make yourself

Smart DIY idea for Advent wreath with tealights and corn

Advent wreath itself make white candles corncobs pine green

For those of you who love boho chic

white big candles advent wreath making wooden bowl

And how about a pinch of glitz and glamor?

white stump candles serving christmas tree decorations cinnamon stars adventskranz making yourself

Either way – celebrate beautifully and stay inspired!

moss red plate make white candles advent wreath yourself
make your own advent wreath baking sheet moss thin candles
cake stand advent wreath itself make pillar candles