Faces Easter Eggs – Express Your Attitude To The Feast!

Traditions need not only be nurtured but also developed further. Creative ideas must enrich the familiar customs and customs. The personalized decoration is modern for almost all festivals at the present time. This also applies to the very traditional occasions such as Christmas or Easter. In this article we want to draw your attention to an original idea: It is about the painting of Easter eggs with different faces, in short, Easter eggs with a different look. How to make this figure below and other similar ones, we show you including some pictures and explanations. But first we offer you a small overview of other ideas!

Such a great Easter egg can certainly make you too

closer view of Easter eggs

Paint easter eggs with different emotions!

Surely you have to laugh every time you look at these Easter eggs, right? Even make a competition in the family, who would be able to paint more different facial expressions on Easter eggs! With a great background color like the purple here everything is happier and more optimistic.

But you can take several shades!

Purple color and many emotions! Who will not like such an Easter decoration?

Paint purple idea Easter eggs

Easter eggs representing your family

We continue with an idea of ​​a similar character. Maybe you can represent your family? Pick a funny situation that occurs more often in your everyday life and represent it from the funny side. Something similar could the easter eggs represent above? Or do you see something else in it?

So you can represent your family with the different characters

colorful eggs and faces painting Easter eggs

Black on white always looks stylish

Emotions speak for themselves and they are very attractive. If you have such a theme, this time the Easter eggs need a shade to be festive. The various facial expressions shown on it are sufficient. Moreover, the knit basket acts as a great traditional background for this modern minimalist idea.

Sometimes the classic color duo black and white is great for Easter decorations!

Paint white faces in the basket of Easter eggs

It could be a bit scary!

The next two examples are not just for Easter and Easter eggs. You could also have breakfast for Halloween account. Here humor and horror mingle. And sometimes it’s just what you need to improve your own mood and that of your family on the feast day!

For this idea you need real or styrofoam eggs and a marker! And some creativity!

Painted scene Easter eggs

Experiment with many different ideas! Do not forget that you can use different materials and not just real eggs to make Easter decorations. However, we remain with this topic, because it follows now the promised instructions.

Creepy and funny at the same time, right?

black faces and red mouth painting Easter eggs

Do you remember the funny character at the beginning of this article? It is made of styrofoam. To create such Easter egg figures out of this material, you need paints or maybe markers and some other materials that you can see in the picture below.

The materials you need to craft funny Easter eggs!

to paint required materials in Easter eggs

So you can decorate the top of the doused easter eggs!

backside ready idea to paint easter eggs

Then you can paint different faces on it!

Easter eggs painted several faces to hang

This Easter decoration is a family, is not it?

to paint a family of Easter eggs

These ears look funny and the decoration can be hung in different places

paint another great Easter eggs

Various combinations of Easter egg figures are possible!

Funny combination of Easter eggs

Such Easter eggs are also a great gift idea!

Paint Easter eggs in hand