How To Make A Festive Easter Basket

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After giving you some great DIY ideas for Easter wreath and Easter eggs , We now show you some original designs in 3 variations as you create a Create Easter basket can. Easter baskets not only look festive, they are also quite practical and serve for the storage of sweets and colorful eggs, which friends and relatives will give you.

3 Bastelanleitungen: Kinderleichter Osterkorb handicrafts!

Easter basket crafts yellow flower green stripes

1st version: made of rattan

You can also use colorful cloth strips for braiding. Different decor elements are often attached to the handle – for example, Easter bunnies, butterflies or ladybirds. On the floor of the Easter basket you can put a piece of cloth or small blanket with traditional Easter motifs.

2. Variant: made of fabric

Here you need a little bit more handy. Sew a basket out of a white fabric and embroider it as a rabbit face. To achieve the round shape, you can use a circular shape made of copper wire. In addition, the rabbit ears are attached to the two sides of the basket. This variation for an Easter basket is not as stable as the first and you should be more careful if you want to fill with eggs.

3rd variant: made of paper

If you have such a Create Easter basket You’ll need thicker paper or cardboard in fun pastel colors. First design a sketch for making and leave extra space where you will stick. Fill the basket with paper grass and attach an Easter card with beautiful congratulations at the front.

No matter what variant you choose, if your Create Easter basket , You will surely have lots of fun and be rewarded with satisfaction and good humor. Be creative and look forward to it Easter !

Festive and fresh in delicious colors

Easter basket craft colorful paper strips

Original with flowers and leaves

Easter basket crafts deco petals

Puristic and elegant at the same time

Easter basket woven plaited cardboard

Cleverly braided with glass beads

Easter basket tapestries braided with glass shining eggs

Easter bunny house made of glass and colorful fabric

Easter basket tinker glasses colorful fabrics

Lightness in blue and white

Easter basket crafts glass white blue eggs

Spring and classic

Easter basket made of painted eggs

Feast of flowers for Easter

Easter basket crafts large deco flowers

Fairy and natural

Easter basket green natural

Colorful with butterflies

Easter basket crafts light wood strips blue grinds

Small decoration meadow in the basket

Easter basket light rattan paper grass

Artful Easter eggs with beautiful floral patterns

Easter basket crafts cardboard napkins technology eggs

Floral and cheerful

Easter basket crafts plastic paper colorful

Shining treats

Easter baskets pink hearts

Chic cardboard box with bright Easter eggs

Easter basket made of pink cardboard

Simply fantastic

Easter basket crafts paper paper pastel colors

Unique Easter bunny full of surprises

Easter basket

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