Last Minute Easter Eggs Decorated With Yarn And Decoration

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A bouquet of blossoming branches, decorated with Easter eggs, is the most beautiful spring greeting in the time before the holidays. Whether colorful boiled eggs, glued eggs from Styrofoam or painted wood – the egg is the symbol of the resurrection par excellence and should be with none Easter decoration absence! Since I was addicted to DiyDekoDevelopment Am, I have also for Easter something self-made thought! Here I will explain how you can decorate eggs with yarn and decorate with them an Easter bouquet.


Styroporeans are best suited for this craft project because they are light, but stable and not as easy to break as blown chicken eggs.

  • Styropore
  • Natural cord in different colors
  • Patterned ribbons
  • Needles
  • Strong liquid adhesive

Easter eggs self-made with yarn

The technology

First, I applied a polka dot liquid glue to the tip of the ice. It is important to use a liquid glue, which is really strong, but can be easily washed off the hands and later dries transparently.

Styroporeier and yarn

I waited a moment for the glue to dry, then took the natural cord, and pressed the end of the ice-tip. So that the cord would not really fall off and my whole work would be destroyed, I next fixed the end with a color-matching pin.


Slowly I began to wrap the natural cord around the top of the ice. I quickly realized that patience with this technique is really the key to success.

Diy easter eggs with yarn

Thereon One should pay attention

If you twist the cord too fast around the egg, there are unpleasant gaps between the individual webs. If you do not wait for the glue to dry, the cord falls off the egg and all the work was free.


Again and again I carried liquid glue on the egg, wrapped a few times the natural cord around the Easter egg and pressed the cord firmly. So that no gaps could be seen, I pushed up the cord with my fingernail.


It helps if you pay attention that the cord is taut. For the beginning I recommend smaller Styroporeier, since this technique is somewhat time consuming. With more exercise, however, you will be steadily faster and will see quick success.


When I had worked on the thick end of the ice, I again applied liquid glue, cut the cord, and pressed the end of the cord firmly.


The Easter eggs are decorated

As the glue dried, I knotted a loop of natural cord, which I stuck with a pin at the tip of the ice. Around the small Easter eggs I stuck a piece of patterned ribbon, for the larger eggs I knotted small loops and stuck them on the Styroporeiern.


With this technique you need patience and time to achieve a really nice result, but you have more practice, succeed the pretty Easter eggs in turn. The eggs decorated with yarn are a rustic Easter decoration that spills a touch of nostalgia. For more great DIY decoration And basement ideas at Easter, visit our blog!

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