Tinker Fairytale Easter Eggs With Resin – A Unique Guide

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You can make fabulous home-made jewelery using casting resin! These look like real works of art, and the most talented hobbyists among them could even sell them as such. In this article we present you an idea for Easter eggs with resin! We have the idea in a great DIY blog found.

The pictures are a concrete guide, but they could be individualized in a variety of ways. As you can see, the results are just fabulous. Caution: Casting resin can be dangerous for pets and children! Therefore, the casting resin should be used carefully and stowed well. The little ones must not come into contact with it at all.

These are the required materials!

easter eggs needed materials

You can use tweezers to fill eggs with glitter

Easter eggs start the process

Fill easter eggs with resin and other materials

First, you have to blow out the Easter eggs. On the Internet can be found many different instructions for this. In the project presented here, the empty egg shells were first filled with different glittering pieces. Then the casting resin comes in.
In our case, transparent cast resin was used. However, it could be available in different colors. Most of the time you will find resin in shops where you sell craft materials. There are instructions for use on the packaging and they can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should read carefully and follow them carefully.

This is how the almost finished easter eggs look!

easter eggs almost finished trinkets

“Baking”Easter eggs

In order for the Easter eggs or other adornments made of cast resin to solidify, they must be”baked”for a few minutes. Preferably put them in an old pan and then in the oven at 80 degrees. Leave there for 10 to 15 minutes. Then carefully remove the peels and make sure that you do not burn yourself. At this point you also have to be very careful with your children! You will certainly be curious and try to touch the finished Easter eggs.

For perfect results, you should grind the Easter eggs

polish the eggs from cast resin

Sand the finished artwork

If you have followed the instructions carefully and accurately, you should already have great egg-shaped figures made of cast resin at this point! However, the surface might not be perfectly smooth. You can grind them with a special device or another method. Tips can be found about in the following article ,

The finished DIY Easter decoration beautifully put in scene!

After that, it remains only that you make beautiful decoration with these great Easter eggs. The following ideas should be helpful!.

But such an Easter egg can be an accent in your decoration

beautiful easter eggs

On a tray with mirror surface such Kusntwerke will come true to advantage

Easter eggs very beautiful and transparent

The golden nuances of the tray frame correspond with those of the Easter eggs

homemade Easter eggs with great mirror effects

This Easter decoration is sure to register well in a noble ambience

DIY Easter eggs with great appearance

Such DIY ideas can be combined with other great pieces of glass

Easter eggs beautiful artworks

Every single Easter decoration piece made according to this method is very individual

Easter eggs trendy design

The jewelry of the Easter eggs should be best in different nuances

Easter eggs with cast hard and twigs

Noble and rural – that’s the effect of this great Easter decoration

glass tray easter eggs idea

Cast resin easter eggs look particularly beautiful on a marble surface

vase and diy easter eggs

Colorful and at the same time discreet, and simply magically beautiful! So this is DIY decoration!

table decoration cast resin easter eggs

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