109 Ideas On How You Can Make Your Easter Eggs

Easter fashion made easy

Rose Quartz & serenity – Yes, that is definitely the trend colours in the design for 2016. You can use them successfully in your Frühlingsdeko. And if you want to make Easter eggs a bit unconventional this season, then this matter can be also with the trendy colors quite successfully adjusted. And although the Easter eggs should be traditionally red, the symbol of Easter – resurrection, new beginning – is preserved. Other pastel colors are currently the trend. Green, yellow, Orange, purple – everything is possible. Here is one above all of your own taste. Their Easter eggs can of course not just color, but make this with the help of numerous techniques such as batik, etching and scratch technique – just a few to mention.

Make Easter eggs – which are the trendy colors?

paint Easter eggs eggs spring flowers decorate pastel

Timeless and very popular Easter eggs in the vintage or Shabby Chic are style. These can be very pleasantly and effectively make themselves – for example through the napkin technique called also decoupage. You can select any spring motifs or those which are typical of this style – birds, roses, key, cages, etc.

Note paper and old newspapers and magazines are also excellent for this purpose. The Easter eggs add an extra nostalgic touch that makes your Easter decor somewhat romantic. To achieve the same effect, by delicate lace, with which you can decorate Easter eggs.

Make Easter eggs vintage easily with note paper

Easter Egg decorating osterdeko paper decoupage napkin art vintage

But maybe do you prefer in this year more likely to combine simplicity and nature? In this way you will achieve both: – on the one hand you trade sustainable and eco-friendly, on the other hand, you follow the latest trends. Because sustainability is now on everyone’s lips and she has prevailed as always greater tendency on the international trade fairs. Not only at imm cologne, but also at the Heimtextil fair 2016 was set up, design and living in accordance with nature of one of the most important topics have observed all exhibitors and developed.

Minimalistic and trendy to Easter

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs color green blue

Undyed, the purists among you can leave even the Easter eggs, if they are white. As you probably know, this Unfarbe symbolizes purity and innocence, which clearly fits for the Easter holiday. Snow-white eggs arranged in a nest look pretty, especially when these are decorated with colorful feathers or MOSS.

Simplicity and innocence on the festive table

Easter eggs make white dye eggs wicker basket flowers

And if you should miss but a little glitz and glamour, it – gold and copper is called! This trend remains this year and will definitely miss the certain something your Easter eggs.

In this sense – have fun with the Easter eggs shapes and Happy Easter!

Easter eggs make crafts with children eggs paint

Combine fresh pastel colours according to your own preferences

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs color pastel tinker with children

Bright orange, quail eggs and white tulips

Easter eggs painting watercolor effect colours yellow quail eggs nest osterdeko purist

Trend color serenity and delicate gold-swab

Easter eggs make blue green gold nest tree branches Easter decor

The trend duo 2016 par excellence

Easter eggs painting Pan tone color Pastel pink blue spring flowers

Or do you rather prefer a juicy Green?

Easter eggs painting watercolor dots minimalist green osterdeko

If you style on hipster

Easter eggs painting watercolor hipster eggs selbermgestalten

Easter eggs painted solid yellow pink blue hipster

A little glitter and glamour compliant?

paint Easter eggs eggs decorating gold copper brass tape

Kids will love this easy

Easter eggs painting yellow tinker with children eggs smiles

paint Easter eggs make funny faces with children

paint Easter eggs firuren animated film tinker with children osterdeko

Easter eggs painting white tinker with children eggs wax fish

Easter eggs painting Panel colors chalk tinker with children

decorate Easter eggs flowers tinker with children eggs dye

decorate Easter eggs tinker with children felt sheep egg shell color

decorate Easter eggs faces tinker with children hair yarn

decorate Easter eggs crafts with kids aufkläber Easter Bunny

decorate Easter eggs felt Easter motifs flowers butterflies tinker with children

Easter eggs to decorate Easter Bunny crafts with children

Cool decoupage ideas for Easter

paint Easter eggs crafts with kids of decoupage flower pattern

paint Easter eggs make eggs with children decoupage technique decorate nest

paint Easter eggs floral fashion mosaic blue white

Easter eggs painting silk technique kravatten découpage

decorate Easter eggs flowers crafts with kids wrapping paper eggs make

Easter Egg decorating decoupage technique late newspapers

decoupage decoupage monochrome decorate Easter eggs eggs dye

Easter eggs decoupage paper decorate vintage decoupage

Easter eggs make decoupage flowers butterflies découpage

Easter eggs make lace eggs decoupage vintage decorate

paint Easter eggs eggs decorate blue white

Easter eggs painting tinker with children textiles technology tip

paint Easter eggs crafts with children tierprints

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs coloring tinker with children

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs dye Primrose grass Moss

Easter eggs painting watercolor natural osterdeko

Easter eggs painting watercolor Pastel pink green blue yellow spring flowers Spaniel osterdeko

paint Easter eggs crafts with kids pastel glitter points

Easter eggs painting watercolor myself decorate

Easter eggs painting watercolor wax pastel

paint Easter eggs crafts with children eggs dried flowers decorate

Easter eggs painting spring flowers craft with children

Easter eggs painting flowers purple blue osterdeko yourself make

Easter eggs painting decorate gold leaf grazing branch nest

Easter eggs painting flower pattern colorful colors Easter decoration

Easter eggs painting flowers draw nest willow branches

Easter eggs painting letters star white eggs decorate

Easter eggs painting decorate glitter powder tinker with children

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs decorate nail art

Easter eggs painting strawberries red green paper make it yourself osterdeko

monochromatic paint pink Easter egg eggs gold glitter

Easter eggs painting delicate drawings of animal eggs decorate

glitter powder paint Easter eggs eggs dye

Easter eggs painting artistic fashion Easter decoration themselves make

Easter eggs painting natural beige Brown Daisy

osterdeko solid paint Easter eggs eggs make

paint pastel watercolor flowers Roses pattern points

osterdeko Easter eggs paint gold green yellow blue magenta

Easter eggs painting Pastel pink yellow white points

Easter eggs painting pastel quaileggs nest osterdeko

purist painting Easter eggs eggs make crafts with children

Easter eggs painting purist osterdeko eggs make

Easter eggs painting black white eggs geometric pattern decorate

Easter eggs painting black white geometric patterns Easter bunnies osterdeko

tip technology paint Easter eggs eggs dye

decorate Easter eggs embroider embroidery ethnomotive

Easter eggs to decorate colorful stiff yarn tinker with children

Easter eggs painted gray and white white feather egg carton Easter decor

Easter eggs to decorate thin stripes paper fabric

Easter Egg decorating golden rose osterdeko yourself make

Easter Egg decorating artistic fashion osterdeko

purple sequins, rhinestones decorate Easter eggs glitter

Moss decorate Easter eggs eggs white

Easter eggs make male tinker paper with children

Sorbian decorate Easter eggs osterdeko traditional

Easter eggs dye sticker flowers tinker with children

monochromatic coloring Easter eggs eggs thin threads make osterdeko

gold dye Easter eggs nest willow branches nest

Easter eggs dye points tinker with children osterdeko

Easter eggs to decorate white eggs spotted osterdeko fabric tapes

Easter eggs make fine pattern paint osterdeko yourself make

Easter eggs make blue gold glitter eggs decorate Easter decoration table decorations

Easter eggs make blue gold Easter decoration

Easter eggs make blue purple marble effect nest tischdeko Easter

Easter eggs painting watercolor fine drawings eggs monochrome color

Easter eggs blue pink pastel fashion gold egg carton

watercolor paint Easter eggs eggs decorate tinker with children

Easter eggs make blue rhinestones beads Princess frozen

Easter eggs make blue white egg colours decorate porcelain bowl tischdeko osterdeko

Easter eggs make blue white eggs dye wood shell osterdeko

Easter eggs make colorful color nail lacquer technique

Easter eggs make decorating gold purple green osterdeko

Easter eggs make eggs starry sky color blue

Easter eggs make violet purple glitter gold

Easter eggs make copper black sequined Easter decoration table

Easter eggs make natural Moss

Easter eggs make natural materials color flower

Easter eggs make paper crafts with kids decode flowers

Easter eggs make by hand painting black white geometric pattern

Easter eggs make black white geometric pattern osterdeko table decoration

Easter eggs make silver candlesticks egg grass motifs

Easter eggs make vintage osterdeko

Easter eggs eggs green white yellow color stripes points osterdeko yourself make

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