22 Atmospheric Easter Decor Ideas For Your Festive Table

Easter decoration – step by step to a unique look

Easter is a wonderful occasion with friends and acquaintances to sit together for the time otherwise not enough us. However, we can use the Festival to develop our artistic skills. That passes by, the quest for an always more beautiful, more elegant and original table decoration.

The ideas are different. But there are some rules which guide you through all the strategies as a guide. It’s about them in our article.

Easter decor for a festive atmosphere at the table

osterdeko Easter tischdeko blue Easter eggs dye Blue gold copper tones Moss wood glass shell


In the first place, you should allow themselves to give a free rein to your imagination. Paint out the most beautiful pictures. Don’t think what is feasible or not. Your Easter decor may be perhaps no great designer project. But it could be a replica of the table decorations of your dreams.

What do we mean? Do you dream of Easter decor for your festive table in the style of luxury? Maybe you can use any real gold-plated balls and silver candle holders. You can use their nuances but also thanks to cheaper materials at the table.

Dye your Easter eggs in the colours of spring

osterdeko tischdeko blue Easter eggs Easter tulips color monochrome porcelain bowl

All of the following ideas are exactly this kind.

Choose your colors

The selection of colors is important moment for the Easter decor for the table. There are variants only in white, or blue and white. Others correspond to the colors of the room in which the dinner takes place.

To find new and new elements and objects in the selected nuance that can make fully to unfold your imagination.

Combine green with quail eggs

osterdeko Easter table decoration themselves Easter eggs make quail eggs spring flowers

Plenty of light

As with any Christian feast, the light also now plays an important role. You can present this symbol with candles on the table. Integrate the candles be sure in your Easter decor.

All essential elements must be present

Create a list of all essential elements of Easter decoration. That are buying rabbits, Easter eggs, Easter wreaths, etc. or make at least a figure or symbol. They can serve as accents, even if they represent a central theme of your table decoration.

Pastel colors are this season again the trend

osterdeko Easter table decoration tablecloths pastel Easter eggs Easter Bunny

Green accents

Easter is a Festival, which coincides with the end of winter and the beginning of the warm season of the year. For this reason it may not be on green accents. Abundant, cover the table with flowers and other plant-based items.

osterdeko Easter table decoration spring branches Easter eggs quail eggs purist decode Moss

Enjoy the results of your decoration process! We wish you a nice Easter!

Perfect for purists and spring flowers fanatic osterdeko tischdeko blue Easter eggs Easter color pastel daisy flowers

Is also highly recommend blue in its many nuances

osterdeko tischdeko blue Easter eggs dye butterflies feather cake

Are you hipsters and minimalism?

osterdeko tischdeko blue Easter eggs Easter hipster design minimalist decoration

Or do you prefer it rather traditional and floral?

osterdeko Easter tischdeko blue Easter eggs nest willow branches spring flowers

Cool Upcycling Austrahlt Easter

osterdeko tischdeko blue Easter eggs Easter purist decode porcelain plate cups of upcycling ideas

Pour original candles in egg shells!

osterdeko tischdeko candles your own Easter egg Cup pour Easter eggs tip

The secret lies in the simplicity

osterdeko Easter table decoration flowers yellow tulips einweckgläser

Remains of copper trend this spring

osterdeko Easter table decoration flowers Lily of the Valley Easter eggs gold spring branches Cress

Natural does not go

osterdeko Easter table decoration flowers daffodils of quail eggs Easter eggs neste

Easter eggs can remain simply white

osterdeko Easter table decoration flowers white Easter eggs

Spring freshness to the table

osterdeko Easter table decoration flowers white porcelain tulips daffodils

Shabby Chic Easter decoration with tulips

osterdeko Easter tischdeko tulips green porcelain bowl wreath

Arrange Easter cookies and biscuits in the form of Easter eggs in the egg carton

osterdeko Easter table decoration cookies cookies bake egg carton Easter eggs

Bring nature home!

osterdeko Easter table decoration themselves make porcelain Easter Bunny cake Moss

Purist Easter decor with uncolored eggs and fresh daffodils

osterdeko table centerpieces yourself undyed Easter eggs make purist tischdeko daffodils