5 Popular Easter Brunch Recipes

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osterbrunch Easter recipes decorations

Easter Brunch Rezepte-large, festive preparation

The brunch is the best opportunity to experience all relatives and friends in one place, and together the homemade treats to feast on Easter Sunday.

The mood rises to Easter Brunch, thanks to the splendid decoration with flowers

osterbrunch Easter recipes spring tischdeko

Only the night durchfeierte by and the Easter fire, then the favorite dishes that are traditionally eaten at Easter. We love Easter and all the dishes we associate with the Festival. The good thing about the brunch is only the shape and then the flexibility in the choice of dishes. All in all, many of the recipes revolve around the egg. The tables are decorated with coloured or painted eggs, there are enough mustard eggs and salmon spread.

Prepare mustard eggs on modern art

osterbrunch Easter recipes mustard eggs with modern class

Russian Hefekranz we can buy every day at the bakery, and yet it tastes best at Easter. Various quiches, pies, and dips are quick, easy and healthy prepared. You may also offered asparagus and other seasonal vegetables to your guests.

Tart with Easter Bunny

osterbrunch Easter recipes Easter cake

For the upcoming feast, we have selected 5 fast, easy and traditional dishes that you can prepare for Easter Brunch. Honoured at Easter among the egg as a symbol of fertility and therefore we can unfortunately happy no vegans with our proposals.

Set tray with appetizers

osterbrunch Easter recipes of mustard eggs salmon

Offer fresh juices

osterbrunch Easter recipes colorful juices

Asparagus in the festive menu plan

osterbrunch Easter recipes of mustard eggs asparagus

Mustard eggs

2 servings

Ingredients:-4 hard boiled eggs, 1EL flour, 30 g butter, 1/2 cup milk, salt to taste and 5 tablespoons mustard (medium hot)

Senfeiner prepared Southern style with Patootie

osterbrunch Easter recipes mustard eggsZubereitung:

Hard boil eggs and deter. Make a Roux of flour and butter, gradually pour in milk, mix with the mustard and season to taste with salt and pepper. Cut eggs in half and serve with the sauce.

Keep in mind that the eye eats with

osterbrunch Easter recipes senfei

Obatzda with horseradish

8 servings

Ingredients: 400 g ripe Camembert,

200 g soft butter,

3 Teaspoons horseradish.

100 g Jughurt,

1 stained chives


50 g fresh horseradish for decorating.


About chop and mix. Garnish with chives and Radischen.

Spreads are very well received in most cases

osterbrunch Easter recipes laugenbrezel obatzter

Obatzda with crisp bread and Schikoree

osterbrunch Easter recipes mustard eggs chicoree crispbread

Fillet of salmon or caviar fit well with egg dishes

Easter Easter recipes mustard eggs salmon fillet

Fresh bread spread with dill or chives to the Festival

osterbrunch Easter recipes mustard eggs dash on salmon fillet

Salmon spread

For 6 servings


350 g salmon fillet,

50ml white wine,


3 Tablespoons olive oil.

50 g Sun-dried tomatoes,

3 Tablespoons olive oil.  Parsley,

Creme Fraiche,

Cream cheese.


With some salt and white wine in a pan saute the salmon and allow to cool. Small dice all ingredients and cut, then mash or mix and serve with bread.

Dips are a must to the brunch

osterbrunch Easter recipes of mustard eggs dips

Spring is approaching radischen, radish, cross-

osterbrunch Easter recipes obatzter


8 servings


100 huts – or goat’s cheese,

100 anorexia,

150 g sour cream,

100 mayonnaise,

1 bed garden Cress,.

1 Teaspoon medium-spicy mustard,.

1 tsp grainy mustard.

Salt and pepper


Grate the cheese and mix with the remaining ingredients.

Garnish with watercress

Watercress tastes and looks good

osterbrunch Easter recipes mustard eggs krese mangold

You can choose any shape for the Quiche

osterbrunch Easter recipes muffinform

Small portions or pieces are welcoming, as the great

osterbrunch Easter recipes spinattarte spinach spinatquisch muffinform

Spinach quiche (or Swiss chard)

8 pieces


250 g flour,

125 g butter,

450 g of spinach,

2 onions,

1 clove of garlic,


4 eggs,

2 small tomatoes,


1 pinch of nutmeg and salt.

50 g of grated goat cheese

The fresh spinach should be cleaned well

osterbrunch Easter recipes spinattarte blatspinatZubereitung:

Supple knead the flour with the butter, salt, and 100ml water and let it rest. Clean spinach, wash and the possibility to evaporate with the oil, the garlic and the onions (small cut) soft.

Lay the dough on a baking sheet and before baking in a convection by 180 degrees 10 minutes.

The possibility to evaporate with onion, garlic and spices

Easter recipes spinattarte spinach leaves the possibility to evaporate

Mix the eggs and milk together, yogurt and some flour, together with the spinach mixture mix and spread over the shortcrust pastry. Refine with tomatoes, season to taste and then sprinkle the grated cheese over. Bake at 200 degrees until the surface is golden-brown.

Bake crispy

Easter recipes spinattarte spinach spinatquisch

Class, if there is asparagus at Easter

Easter recipes Easter recipes

Juice stay fresh longer if you are cool

Easter recipes Easter recipes colorful fresh juices

Surprise your guests with a vitamin-rich fruit salad

Easter recipes Easter recipes fruit salad

Russian Hefekranz simply belongs to the Festival

Easter recipes Easter recipes Hefekranz

Think of the table decoration on Easter Sunday!

Easter recipes Easter recipes of mustard eggs asparagus decode Easter egg

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