Clearstamps For Easter Cards – The Perfect Accessory For Loving And Festive Ideas

The spring is an incredibly inspiring season. Finally the comparatively low temperatures withdraw and make room for what we want so much: Sun, flowers, and one of the most joyous celebrations of the year: Easter! A special event is this event not only for children. Even adults are here like creative and surprise friends, family and colleagues with stylish Easter cards in a wide variety of designs.

Who does not want more “only wrinkles” or gluing of stickers comes with the trendy Clearstamps full at his own expense. Never heard of? Then it Zeit.Der stamp shop proves that it is a timeless and creative fashion for all ages.

With Clearstamps Easter cards spice up – easier than you think!

Clearstempel are ideal to lift your Easter cards to a new level. The small accessories not only look good, but also feature an incredible variety and ease of handling. So you get not only for adults but also for children an irreplaceable crafting Companion.

Who would like to use the Clearstamps in his Easter cards, does not take much. So, basic facilities include only the stamps themselves, an acrylic block, and an Inkpad.

Best you choose motifs with spring-like motifs for your Easter cards. In addition to the relevant bunnies and eggs enjoy especially flower structures in all variants of an unbroken popularity. These are generally a little neutral and are thus amongst others ideal for gifts among adults.

clearstempel Tinker to your own Easter cards

Now follow step for step, closer but similar at the classic stamps.

Remove the desired Clearstamp of the film.
Glue the motif centered on the acrylic block.
Press the entire construct on the Inkpad and start to stamp
If necessary, further decorate the stamp, colored paint from single posts-oder the complete scene.

Sounds simple? Is it also. For the perfect Easter card, it is also important to find the right mix of informative and decorative. Or else: ensure that not too many or too few Clearstamps adorn your Easter card.

To create the right design – Clearstamps for Easter cards artfully inserted

No question: stamping fun, especially in the context of the handy and trendy Clearstamps especially. However, it is important not to exaggerate and to overload the concerned Easter card with motifs.

How many Clearstamps finally should find their place on your Easter card, is among others dependent of…:

the size of the map
the General design
the addressee.

Who controls making his card but in the course of the creative process again and again, is to play it safe. Often the motto “less is more!” applies here

Colorful variety – Clearstempel on Easter cards as a welcome change

Easter cards yourself tinker with clearstempel

Clearstamps is a particularly creative alternative to the classic stamps. Also, for example, don’t mind talking to decide against a typical black and change the color of the stamp. On an Easter card, among other things, for example, green comes very well. Depending on, how detail, the stamps are worked out, it is may also, to paint them afterwards with crayons and felt – and still continue to customize. Here are no limits to the imagination.

No matter, whether inside or outside of the Easter card: who shows his “works” with Clearstamps decorated that he has made really thought and effort.

Care and storage

You have finished your work session and are now wondering where and how to best keep your Clearstamps? Don’t worry! As easy as handling is also keeping the stamp.

Fresh ink is best simply remove using lukewarm water and a low Spüli. Wipe the stamp and store it until next use. You can store Clearstamps, you still do not have pasted on the acrylic block, also extremely space-saving in transparent sleeves.

A wide selection and helpful tips

No question: the selection with regard to Clearstamps for Easter cards is great. It is even more important here to keep track, and of course also to know how each product is best maintained. On you will find many tips and tricks that will not only ensure that you can shape your Easter cards more individual, but also that you are informed about it, like stamp of any kind can facilitate everyday. Who have learned here can find not only quickly exactly the stamp that ideal to the own claim fit, but also make sure that the high-quality products on the basis of an appropriate care keep even longer.


own homegrown for Easter Easter cards with clearstempel

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