Creative Easter Eggs Decoration From Silk

Easter eggs decoration creative silk

Creative Easter egg decoration out of silk

Every year in spring a secret competition in every household – the competition for the most beautiful Easter eggs decorationstarts. Today we will introduce an incredibly original and effective craft technique, which gives you the best chance this competition to win – the silk technique.

What do you need for the Easter eggs decoration from silk ties?

colorful silk – best old silk ties
white cotton fabric
Elastic cord or yarn

To achieve a better contrast when dyeing, use the best white eggs. Be sure to use real silk at this Easter eggs decoration !

The technique of silk is not complicated. You need only patience and crafting pleasure. And this is how it’s done.

Find colorful patterned neckties of silk and cut them to a silk cloth to get. Then put the egg on the right side. This is the printed page, so the colors are stronger. Smooth the fabric as much as possible and tie to the rubber band, or with the yarn firmly. You fold, you will reach Easter eggs decoration with a blurred effect, which can be of course also quite exciting.

For the next step, you will need the white tree fabric. An old pillowcase can serve perfectly. Then wrap the tree fabric eggs already covered in silk and bind it to set. Next, put the eggs in a saucepan and fill water until the eggs are covered — so much. Add a quarter Cup of vinegar and Cook 20 minutes. The only thing remains is the cooling and drying out.

Their Easter eggs decoration with silk is ready. You need to cut only the material carefully and to admire your creations.

Below are some results look at and get inspired. Already remember, where you have stored the old silk ties last time?

Beautiful patterns on silk

Easter eggs decoration wrapped in silk scarves

Colorful variety

Easter eggs decoration silk ties

Carefully cut the tie

Easter eggs decoration ties technology

Colorful packs

Easter eggs decoration egg carton

Fine winding work

Easter eggs Deco colorful silk

Half is already done

Easter eggs decoration silk cloth colored pattern

Cotton and tinsel

Easter eggs decoration linen silver tinsel

Artful and elegant with a Paisley pattern

Easter eggs decoration pastel Paisley pattern

Masculine and proud

Easter eggs Deko Blau red pattern

If you are on blue

Easter eggs decoration blue tones

As a magnificent oil painting

Easter eggs decoration colorful artistic pattern

Rustic with flowers

Easter eggs decoration rustic flowers

Majestic with elegant patterns

Easter eggs decoration elegant pattern tie

Simple geometry

Easter eggs decoration geometrically elegant

Fuzzy pattern

Easter eggs decoration stylish pattern

The handicraft of a successful

Easter eggs decoration napkins technique stained