Different Easter Traditions For A Colourful And Atmospheric Feast!

Easter around the world

And again it prepares for one of the most important and most popular festivals in Christianity; totally surrendered the Augfabe tinkering to the creative Easter decor and looks for innovative ideas for decorating the delicious Easter cookies. On this day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the rebirth of nature, because Easter heralds the beginning of spring and is associated with the beginning of new life. Cold winter days are already behind us, the plant blooms gradually, temperatures rise, the whole family gathers together – what could you dream more than? But looks Easter: we introduce briefly how the world celebrates Easter and the Easter traditions are deeply rooted in the traditions of different Nations, in the next few lines!

Easter as a moveable feast

Easter traditions and Easter Bunny

It quite often happens that Easter is not celebrated on the same date in the Orthodox and Catholic churches. The Holy Feast but always falls on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring. The main difference is that to calculate Easter according to the Julian calendar in the Orthodox Christian world, while the Gregorian calendar is used in the Catholic Church.

Despite the difference of 13 days, Easter coincide every few years in the two churches!

The world is celebrating Easter traditions – how the Holy Feast?
In Australia, the sugar – and Schokoeier are quite popular and in different sizes and shapes everywhere. The sweet temptations usually take the form of a Bilbys (Kanninchennasenbeuter). The so-called Osterbilby turned into over time in the Easter symbol in this country. Good Friday and Easter Monday here is devoted to his friends and family. The festive menu includes lamb or veal, chicken meat with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables – carrots, pumpkin, peas or broccoli. As dessert serves the well-known and richly decorated Pavlova cake with strawberries, Kiwi, pineapple and mandarin oranges.

Instead of the Easter Bunny, you have the Kanninchennasenbeuter in Australia

Australia and the Osterbilby

In the land of kangaroos, rabbits do not count to the Liebelingstieren, because they destroy the crop and are a real obstacle to the farmer. Therefore, the Osterbilby represents the tradition of Easter here.

Osterbilby in Australia

In the United States, the whole family at Easter to go to church together. Following lunch consists of Ham with pineapple, roasted potatoes, vegetables and fruit salads. The children get filled by adults small basket with brightly colored eggs, chocolate, and sweets. The contest, in which children roll their painted eggs to a mostly sloping meadow proves an interesting custom here. The biggest contest this is close to the White House organized and attracts every year thousands of adolescents.

Easter traditions – even the ex-President of the United States participated in the game several times as judge

Children play before the white of House en

The children have a lot of fun

Easter traditions in the United States

At Easter, the Swedes decorate their homes in various shades of yellow, green and white color. The focus will be mainly on the candy – the typical Easter eggs here produces one out of cardboard or plastic and then fills it with as many delicious sweets. When the children make the egg, you will find a pleasant surprise inside. On Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday, the girls as Easter witches go dressed to the neighbours and give away homemade pictures.

The children share the even painted pictures against sweets and chocolate

dressed as a witch

Even the smallest may join…

Also babies take part

…denn age does not matter!

The more witches in the Festival participate, the merrier this special day!

The Easter tradition in Sweden


In France, the church bells from good Friday not ringing early on Easter Sunday. Through the silence of bells, one expresses his deep sorrow about the crucifixion and death of Christ.
A typical Florentine tradition of Easter has for centuries fascinated thousands of visitors and city residents — the so-called Scoppio del Carro takes place annually during Easter mass and offers a unique firework show the observers. Front of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore a wheelbarrow loaded with pyrotechnics exploding! This car is pulled through the city by white oxen. Ultimately, a rocket with the form of a White Dove ignites the fireworks in the car. Depending on how the entire process is proceeding, is to advise whether a good or bad harvest is expected in the next few months.
Easter is the most important Festival in Spain and is known under the name of Semana Santa (Holy week). In this country, the different religious organizations celebrate the resurrection of Christ by many processions. Huge figures of the Savior and the Holy Apostles carried through the streets of towns and villages throughout the country. The participants have a hood with extremely long tip on her head and evoke associations with inquisition scenes in this way.

A unique experience is the Easter Easter traditions – in Spain


The corresponding order determines the clothing

Is celebrated Easter in Spain

Processions take place in the country


While the figure of Christ is carried through the town, residents and visitors pay their respects the son of God

Easter in Spain

In Bulgaria, one painted on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday Easter eggs and attaches great importance to the preparation of delicious Easter pastry. You should color the first egg in red as a symbol of the blood of Christ. Thus, you should touch the forehead and the scales of children, so that they remain healthy and happy throughout the year. Right after that, put the egg under an icon in the House and kept it until the next Easter. On Easter Sunday, large and small balls collide at the side. The unbeschädige egg as the winner is announced after the battle of eggs – according to popular belief, its owner will be fit as a fiddle and look forward to many great successes.

Easter traditions – the fight with hard boiled eggs

Battle of eggs

And the winner is…?

Battle of eggs

For a loss makes you no major concerns, but simply Peel the egg, and shares it with the winner!

Eggs with toast

The Easter pastry has a special place in Eastern European culture

Easter eggs and biscuits

To make the Easter pastries out of eggs, yeast, flour, milk, vanilla, raisins, caramelized orange peel, jam and almonds

Easter pastries at home


The big surprise is in the inside of the egg in Sweden

Easter traditions

The painting of Easter eggs in Sweden is quite rare and known only in certain regions and disseminated

typical Easter eggs in Sweden

Easter traditions – in France the silence of church bells symbolizing the Schokoglökchen

in France to make Schokoglocken

Easter celebrates Easter traditions – in Florence as a Scoppio del Carro

is celebrated properly in Firenze

…und at once explode the fireworks and offer a unique show of the observers

Florence and the Easter tradition

good or bad harvest

scoppio del carro

In Florence, there is a fireworks

Easter traditions – all Florentines dressed in costumes the cars go ahead

scoppio del caro

Parade in Florence

Florence at Easter

A big Easter parade held annually in New York City

Easter parade as a tradition

Easter traditions – all join and enjoy the moment

Easter parade in the United States

So many outlandish costumes attract all attention


Easter traditions – innovative and extravagant ideas include here the most!

Interesting clothes

The rebirth of nature is celebrated here with bright colors and different motifs of Easter

NYC Halloween costumes

This parade is a real delight for the eyes!

NYC Easter parade

We celebrate the splendor and richness of nature!

interesting traditions