Dye Easter Eggs – Make Your Easter Decor With Love And Patience

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3 original and simple techniques, to dye your Easter eggs

This year reflected the new trends in the spring decoration in the dyeing of Easter eggs. This means you can take it easy with the three main colors your eggs – duck yellow, Apple green and magenta decorate or make these in soft pastel colors. For the purists, the opportunity to create her Easter atmosphere – with lots of white and natural materials quite restrained and environmentally friendly is under you of course also in this season. And if you want to dye your Easter eggs according to the principle of sustainability, you can read our special post about it here. Of them, you can learn: how you can use beets, onions and turmeric for example as Naturfarbmittel.

Coloring Easter eggs is always fun

Easter eggs dye decorating acrylics paint stripes hairbands yarn technology

Here you can give free rein to your imagination also

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs diy ideas glitter color yarn tape

You can use the well proven staining technique in plant leaves and stockings. Are you familiar with them? You have tried it out already as children or at least seen. Yes, the egg is first with an old pantyhose with a parsley or fern for example wrapped around and immersed in the paint. In a few minutes you get down so a ravishing results like this.

How you can dye Easter eggs with natural materials

decorating dye Easter eggs paint technology kläuter pantyhose leaves plants pastel osterdeko

Copper and gold are back in vogue. All can benefit from which are available on glamour or would like to introduce just a little luxury flair in the Easter decorations. Although the finished eggs look pretty classy and you might think that such a decoration may be too complicated, that’s not true at all. Quite the contrary. It’s a very simple and quick technique. This is also the first of the three techniques of decoration for Easter eggs, which we would like to introduce you today. Look at the following video in peace! We wish you lots of fun and a good luck!

Dye Easter eggs: technology no. 1 – Golden luxury make eggs themselves

As color you can take also your favorite tones at pastel

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs gold paint accents

No. 2 – bright colours with nail polish color Easter eggs

Combine the colors according to your mood

Easter eggs dye dekoideen Nail Polish diy eggs decorate Easter decoration

Easter eggs dye diy ideas eggs paint Nail Polish make it yourself osterdeko

Dye Easter eggs: technology no. 3 – Galaxy design

For a more original look, you can create your Easter eggs in a nest of willow branches

dye Easter eggs decorating paint your own Easter decoration make

Or they make as little Easter critters

Easter eggs dye dekoideen paper wrapping paper chick Easter Bunny

Points are simply timeless and always very elegant look

Easter eggs dye dekoideen polka dot technology green dotted osterdeko

You can create these artistically

Easter eggs painting dekoideen diy ideas pencil technique spotted

Or do you rather prefer strips?

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs paint stripes

Another very original technique at the Easter eggs coloring – with colorful silk ties

Easter eggs dye technique of retro motifs dekoideen ties

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs decorating techniques silk fabric ties

The perfect solution for single-coloured Easter eggs with a twist

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs paint diy idea tape technology

Dye your eggs with water colors!

Easter eggs painting decorating paint acrylic water paints abstract decoration osterdeko

Geometric pattern in pastel colors look also especially spring

Easter eggs dye decorating eggs patterns painted pink orange yellow diamonds

Easter eggs painting decorating eggs paint pastel stripes

Never forget that nature is the best painter

Easter eggs painting decorating paint natural eco-friendly

Easter eggs painting decorating herbs paint leaves tights marble effect

Easter eggs painting decorating paint purist ideas osterdeko

If you still glitter and shimmer would

Easter eggs dye decorating paint marble effect gold salmon color diy osterdeko

Easter eggs dye decorating paint golden eggs themselves make Easter decoration

dye Easter eggs eggs decorating diy glitter osterdeko

Easter eggs dye decorating glitter decoration themselves make

And thus manufacture sympathetic eggs vases in a matter of seconds

Easter eggs painting decorating vases diy face painting draw spring flowers

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