Easter Decor Crafts – Creative Vases And Flower Pots From Eggshells

Easter decor DIY blue egg shells daffodils Jacinth

Original ideas from egg shells – how you can make your Easter decor

Easter is one of the most creative festivals at all. Anyone tried charming table decoration, colored eggs everywhere, original garden ornament – to give free rein to his creativity and imagination. Eggs – in all possible shapes, sizes, and colors are what is in abundance at Easter, of course. We show you today as you yourself from the eggshells beautiful Easter decoration craft can. Why do you create for example not chic vases or even flower pots? Here you will find some advice for this.

Easter decor DIY – how to make vases from egg shells themselves?

Step 1: take an uncooked egg and drill a small hole in the skin with a needle. Enlarge the hole slowly until it reaches the size of a flower stem.

Step 2: run the yolk and the white out slowly and fill some water into the bowl.

Step 3: for example, choose flowers with shorter stems such as crocus or pansies.

For long flower stalks can shorten them something

Easter decor DIY Jacinth purple single er bowls vases

Step 4: you can find a matching coaster or a bowl. You can directly use the standard packing of eggs.

You can decorate elegant daffodils and irises with colorful decorative butterflies

Easter decor crafts decorative butterflies Silver Egg stand

If you want to insert the eggshell as a flower pot, you should simply larger hole and then fill it with Earth. As a flower pot can be used but only in very small plants or seedlings.

We wish you lots of fun and creativity, if you your Easter decor crafts!

Stylish mini garden from egg shells – craft Easter decor with style

Easter decor DIY egg shells flowers Succulents

The fine art of decoration

Oster Deko crafting eggshell white vase

Beautiful Easter decoration with Daisy

Oster Deko craft Daisy flower tip

Pastel colours and sunny daffodils

Easter decor crafts yellow daffodils blue mini plant pot

Magical Easter wreath

Easter decor DIY Jacinth purple single er bowls vases

A poetry with Lily of the Valley, and lilac

Easter decor craft Lily of the Valley lilac pansies

Vase decoration from painted egg shells

Oster Deko crafting frosted glass of bottles painted eggs

Majestic roses

Easter decor DIY natural color Rosa Rosen

Mini orchard on the table

Easter decor DIY plant container strawberries

Creative flower decoration

Easter decor DIY Pansy Blau paper streusel

A charming bouquet of flowers

Easter decor craft small wild flowers vase

As small white chicks

Easter decor craft white feather egg shells

Magnificent masterpieces from egg shells

Easter decor DIY ornamental poppies painted egg shells

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