Easter Eggs Coloring Of Course – How Can You Safe Dyes Self Build

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud

Easter eggs dye naturally – use food-safe dyes

The Easter days are getting closer and thus also our celebratory mood is growing. This beautiful Spring Festival is in perfect harmony with the nature Sentinel on and perfectly reflects their natural colors. Perhaps not coincidentally we dye eggs, but we know at all why? Are simply a colorful Easter eggs for the Easter holiday, and no one asks why. It is an old custom which is fun for us and we repeat like every year.

Holy week is here, we must be ready for egg painting, because we may stain them only on Thursday or Saturday. So the decision we should make, is: How do we dye Easter eggs this year. Usually we do that like every previous year, but are not fed up by the artificial dyes that make the egg along with the protein coloured? Try this time something else. Do you know that you could the dye Easter eggs naturally ?

Natural dyes from plants and spices

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud colored eggs painting

For this purpose, you should create a color BREW which will colorize your hard boiled Easter eggs in the desired shade.

You could proceed as follows: before you put the eggs in the pot to a boil, clean with vinegar and water, so better take the color of the eggs later. Then cook the eggs five to nine minutes, depending on the request.

By now you must have prepared already color broths, to lay the eggs still hot in there. Half an hour to reach so that you have a beautiful, strong colour as a result.

It is very easy to produce a color Sud. Soak the desired crushed plants, spices, or leaves in the water and let them cook up. Then filter the broth through a sieve and already have safe dyes, with which you can your dye Easter eggs naturally . It’s so easy.

Color the first egg in red

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud beetroot pink red

Of course, we start with the red color. How is the red color Sud but made?

For the reddish shades, you need the best beetroot.

Mix two cups of water with two glasses grated beetroot and let boil.

Create yourself fresh, natural dyes

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud Korkuma yellow

You can create with the spices turmeric yellow color. Two glasses of water and a tablespoon of turmeric is all you need.

Collect bowls of red onion

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud red onion shells

You need bowls of red onion to create an orange red/brown hue. Three glass onion skins are poured with water and of course then cooked.

Think onion skins are unusable?

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud onion skin Orange

You get a strong orange with normal onion skins. Here, the ratio is five glasses of water to two glass bowls (or grated carrots).

Red cabbage for salad or vegetables broth?

Easter eggs naturally dyeing plants Sud red cabbage

You can color the snow-white eggs in blue/purple with red cabbage and the darker eggs in a green shade. Three glasses of red cabbage are abundantly poured with water and voila your Easter eggs are dyed naturally!

Certainly you have get the colouring principle already. Try also with other plants such as spinach, parsley, black Jahannisbeeren, elderberries (also juice) or you think you are. We wish you much fun and enjoy the most beautiful Spring Festival, by you your apartment original decorate.