Easter Eggs Decorated With Bead – Easter Decor DIY Self

Easter eggs beading original jewels

Easter decoration and Easter eggs even paint and embellish

The Easter egg with pearls to decorate and “paint” seems not an easy task to be.Draw some simple but interesting figures with a pencil on the eggs.

We recommend those who prove to be not as brave, first on rice paper to draw and then transfer the drawing to the egg.

Easter eggs decorated with bead – Easter decoration even tinker

egg holder beadwork Easter eggs original

To cover the whole egg with colourless glue, you can arrange the beads with a needle.

If you think this will take long, you edit small sections, so that the glue dries you fast.

Thus, the Petersburg jewellers Faberge has decorated Easter eggs, especially has they made for Czar Nicholas II..

Very different and interesting retired

method beadwork Easter eggs original colorful

His masterpieces “The cuckoo”, “The rooster”, “The lily” are made of gold, silver and precious stones, they still generate excitement and their price is more than $3 million.

Glittering stripes – blue and green colors

blue beadwork Easter eggs original Golden

Colored art beads

Easter eggs beading original dark

Extraordinary crafts idea design beadwork Easter eggs original weird

Decorate the eggs with existing materials

Easter eggs decorated original beads earthy notes

The Faberge jewels similar to

Easter eggs decorated with beads original Faberge jewels

Elegant and unique patterns

Easter eggs with beading original colourful

Knitted coversEaster eggs decorated with beads chicks original bunnies Red and blue colorsEaster eggs beads method decorated original characters

Shiny purple beads

Easter eggs beading original Easter decor

Charming and striking

Easter eggs Pearl Easter decor adorned original craft

Cute, pale shades

Easter eggs beading original pastel colors

Create lush Easter eggs

red decorated Easter eggs beads purple yellow green original

The Red Easter egg

Easter eggs beading original Red Ribbon yellow

Shine and glow

Easter eggs beads Schimern decorated original gloss

Folkloric motifs

Easter eggs beading original black white

Richly decorated

Easter eggs beading original decorative elements

Orange flower on the Easter egg

Easter eggs beaded chiffon beading flowers Orange