Easter Eggs Shapes – New Ideas And Practical Guidance

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Easter eggs shapes Blau Gold

How will you make your Easter eggs this year?

Easter is coming up soon and you’ve been already thinking about yourself, how will you didn’t make your Easter eggs,? Today, we present a smorgasbord of home decorating ideas, where everyone can find something for themselves. You will see here many different techniques. Are used with decoupage and acrylic paints, but also paper, lace and variegated yarn. There is almost everything. If you have already guessed, you have already tried all sorts of things, you will can get new inspiration and create something new with our collection. The examples below are smart and elegant and far away from the kitsch. As an introduction, we provide guidance for chic glitter eggs. Are you ready? Then here you go!

Make cool glittering Easter eggs

Easter eggs shapes glitter ombre eggs

You need:

a piece of foam – approx. 1 cm thick
Straight pins
Glitter powder
dyed eggs
Craft glue

How is it done:

Draw a table with the help of the pencil and the ruler on the foam. Fix then, as shown above, each a PIN at each intersection. In this way, you have prepared already the surface for drying the eggs. Lay eggs and remove each egg with the craft glue after you scatter glitter powder on it. Best take they glitter in the same color of the stained ice. So, the color becomes even more intense. Let a few minutes until the eggs are dry and repeat the same on the other side. So you have glittering Easter eggs in a snap for your celebration!

Below you see more splendid examples and clever ideas how you can make your Easter eggs this year. We wish you much fun watching and try!

Colorful starfish on Easter eggs

Easter eggs shapes colorful Starfish

Acrylic paints and pastel

Easter eggs shapes acrylics pastel

Smooth watercolor

Easter eggs painting watercolor colored eggs

Many small eyes

Easter eggs shapes eyes male

Perfectly resemble spotted, fresh eggs

Easter eggs painting Blau Weiß spotted

Colorful ombre technique

Easter eggs shapes colorful ombre eggs

Cute Easter Bunny

Easter eggs painting colorful Easter Bunny

Colored Chevron pattern

Easter eggs painting Chevron eggs

Stylish calligrapher eggs for your celebration

Easter eggs shapes Eggcup calligrapher

Easter eggs with family photos

Easter eggs painting photos family

In harmony with the nature

Easter eggs shapes fresh flowers herbs

Sweet, yellow chicks in the nest

Easter eggs painting yellow chicks

Secret message as a gift for Easter

Easter eggs shapes message emptied

Fine lace pattern

Easter eggs painting tip retired

Geometry in bright colors

Easter eggs shapes geometric colored

Perfectly resemble spotted flowers

Easter eggs shapes stickers spotted flowers

Egg decorating with glitter pens

Easter eggs painting glitter pens

Make Easter eggs with glitter stickers

Easter eggs shapes glitter sticker

Unique tie technology

Easter eggs painting tie silk

Circular colored

Easter eggs painting circles colorful

Funny male with a mustache

Easter eggs shapes male egg Cup

The beauty of the natural

Easter eggs painting natural

Origami flowers out of paper

Easter eggs shapes origami flowers

PANTONE designer eggs

Easter eggs painting PANTONE eggs stained

Blackboard effect on the Easter eggs

Easter eggs Gestalten Blackboard black white

Petite paper carnations as decoration

Easter eggs painting paper carnations

Colorful Piñatas in the spring

Easter eggs painting piñata paper

Ombre eggs in pink and white

Easter eggs shapes pink eggs ombre

Minimalist with moustache

Easter eggs shapes mustache stained

Elegant and classic in black and white

Easter eggs painted figures black white

Artfully with the silk technology

Easter eggs painting silk fabric

Decoupage eggs in sky blue

Easter eggs shapes decoupage

Easter eggs with lace wrapped around

Easter eggs painting tip wrapped

Star Wars cult figures

Easter eggs figures Star Wars characters

Colourful fabric scraps get their second chance

Easter eggs painting fabric stained

Super Mario inspiration

Easter eggs shapes Super Mario Bros

Small, funny divers

Easter eggs painting diver eggs

Totem pole from colored eggs

Easter eggs shapes totem pole

Cool stripes yarn

Easter eggs wrapped in yarn painting

Abstract Easter art

Easter eggs painting pattern eggs

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