Easter Eggs With Decoupage Design

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Easter eggs with napkin art decoupage

Easter eggs with decoupage – beautiful ideas for decoupage decoration

Would you like to create something original your Easter decorations this year? Then, there is nothing easier to make your Easter eggs with decoupage . This technique is known as decoupage and is one of the applied arts. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you should be a painter or artist. This technique is simultaneously fascinating and very easy. The word comes from the French for decoupage and means cut or anders said make a collage. Usually worked with napkins or paper. At home, you can make almost any subject with the decoupage.

What do you need when designing your Easter eggs with decoupage?

Adhesive for porcelain or glass
White brush
Acrylic lacquer
White, boiled eggs
Simple technology with superb results

Easter eggs with decoupage Magnolia

Spring is here!

Easter eggs with decoupage rabbit cock chick Butterfly

We will be done?

The eggs should be white and very clean. Select the motifs from the napkins that you have liked most and cut them out. In the majority of cases are the napkins out of two or three layers. Disconnect the top layer and place the desired motif on the egg. Delete very carefully with a soft brush and the glue on it. The napkin must not rip apart and no wrinkles should form it. Best suited the special adhesive for decoupage or but a glue for glass or porcelain, which remains transparent after drying. If you make your Easter eggs with decoupage , you can of course also work with colors. Color the vacancies with the desired tones and paint various details on request. After drying, you should complete with acrylic paint.

You can apply either glossy or matt lacquer, the after effect you like to want to achieve what

Easter eggs with decoupage filigree pattern

Imaginative creation

Easter eggs decoupage artful floral

The best thing about the decoupage technique is that it allows free rein to your imagination and you can develop your creativity with unlimited. If you decorate your Easter eggs with decoupage , you will have much more fun than with the simple painting and you will look proudly on the final product. It’s easy as a breeze. Have fun and Happy Easter!

Fine work in blue

Easter eggs with napkin art blue flower pattern

Sustainable and creative

Easter eggs decoupage old paper

Fairytale for Easter

Easter eggs with decoupage Easter Bunny flowers

Colorful butterflies

Easter eggs decoupage butterflies

Funny and colorful

Easter eggs with decoupage funny colorful Strip

Elegant in pink

Easter eggs decoupage pink loop

Simple with bright flowers

Easter eggs with decoupage pink yellow flowers

Fine and delicate

Easter eggs with decoupage points heart flowers

Stylish in pastel

Easter eggs with decoupage pastel floral

Geometry in pink

Easter eggs with decoupage paper decoupage pink

Gorgeous and chic to Easter

Easter eggs with decoupage buttons brooches

Delicate and delightful

Easter eggs with decoupage small flowers

Classic plaid pattern with dots

Easter eggs with decoupage glossy checkered spotted

Beautiful spring flowers

Easter eggs with decoupage spring branches Rosa

A mixed bag

Easter eggs with decoupage floral pattern

Herbaria for the Easter eggs

Easter eggs with real flowers decoupage

Discreet and attractive at the same time

Easter eggs decoupage decoupage floral points

Abstract geometry with sweep

Easter eggs with decoupage colorful geometric

Easter flowers for good mood

Easter eggs with decoupage flowers

Masterpieces at Easter

Easter eggs with decoupage colorful flowers

Creative Festival

Easter eggs with decoupage flowers blue red pink

Fresh ideas with delicate flowers

Easter eggs with decoupage sheets flowers

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