Easter Eggs With Face Painting

Easter eggs with face painting

Easter eggs with face paint

If you want to place greater emphasis on the good mood and fun this year, you should paint your Easter eggs with a face . So, get the eggs a unique character and look alive. This kind of decorating Easter eggs is so easy and fun that you will be laughing with the whole family together much. You need can definitely boiled eggs, which you then either white or beige or monochrome painting on request.

A minimalist kind of Easter decoration is to paint Easter eggs with a face . You need so little and can reach at the same time so much. For these fun Easter eggs up to the example you need only a black marker and get a funny eggs clique, in a matter of seconds. Acrylic paints are also highly recommended.

With a fine brush, you can paint very delicate faces or are seeing only mustaches, as shown below

Easter eggs with face porcelain egg cups

Colorful, funny Easter Bunny are quite simple and perfect for the Osterbasteln with small children . You can cut the ears out of cardboard and attach them with glue to the egg. Small felt pom poms are perfectly suited for the eyes and the mouth.

Then decorate the Easter Bunny with delicious sweets in jars or lanterns

Easter eggs with a face stained Easter Bunny

Yellow smileys with funny faces

Easter eggs face yellow eggs

All beautiful decorating for Easter with face look at and get inspired. You will find here are some great examples of egg decoration in various themes such as pirates, Star Wars figures, cartoon characters, and much more. Design according to your mood and look forward to the upcoming Festival!

Ornate with gold accents

Easter eggs face geometrically colorful

Pirates in grass green

Easter eggs with green face pirates

Funny panic eggs

Easter eggs with face In box

Delicious, colorful creations

Easter eggs with a tasty facial

A pair of chic

Easter eggs with face pirates pair

Politician art to Easter

Easter eggs with face politician

Petite and sweet

Easter eggs face dolls

Strange egg guys

Easter eggs with face moustache

Are these faces known?

Easter eggs face South Park

Colorful Caterpillar

Easter eggs with face colorful Caterpillar

Star Wars classic

Easter eggs face of Star Wars

A sweet pair of Easter

Easter eggs with face cute couple

Eggs-sketch in the shell

Easter eggs with face sad egg

Many faces, many emotions

Easter eggs with face white funny

Only a couple of strokes to reach an incredibly powerful effect

Easter eggs face funny characters

For true fans of South Park

Easter eggs with face cartoon characters