Easter Ideas – An Atmosphere Full Of Joy And Colors Create

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Easter cone Easter Bunny Studio DIY

Easter ideas that you could apply to the Festival

We are ready to begin the count down to Easter. That’s why we have dedicated our today’s article again Easter. Have you held already events for family and friends? Or maybe you plan a pleasant day at home? But you don’t want to lose but the feeling of festivity and style, isn’t it? We inform you with some outstanding Easter ideas , each of them spread the festive, cheerful mood of the popular festival.

Create a beautiful Easter decoration.

Let’s start with some eye-catching decorations which will characterise the ambience. We present a project by proper . This is a geometric Easter egg, made from coloured paper triangles.

A modern idea for a classic symbol of Easter

Easter ideas Oster Dekoideen beautiful decorating proper

An other possible Austrahlt for Easter are Dekovasen and coloured flowers pots, you even can decorate. See the plant container in the following picture. He looks not great? The use of liquid as a tool is the leading for the realisation of this project, again by proper.

Fresh flower pot

Here an idea how decorated Easter eggs can be to the Green Wedding Shoes .

This is inspired by the small well known mini eggs in Pastelnuancen

Make your Easter decoration in the retro style! These illustrate decorated Easter eggs of melodrama by the decoupage technique a kind of decoration, which can encourage you to think on the next holiday and the sea since it contains tropical motifs.

Funny Easter eggs

The phases of the moon are a trendy decoration which can be applied also when the eggs decoration. If you so want to set striking Easter eggs, that’s what you’re looking for is. The Easter eggs by paper & stitch, have been created by using pink acrylic paint, and are decorated with Crescent pictures.

These Easter eggs have a soft and elegant look

This fabulous card holder by A beautiful mess represent cute colored Easter eggs. Not just fabulous are these Marshmallow characters?

They resemble not leather?

Easter ideas for eating and drinking.

Different leather are the main emphasis to Easter, what about the food. The candy, which we show you, can be anything but not usually. Patricia’s table has created this colorful smoothies for children. And how are these colored layers are, can learn from the recipe .

It would be a treat for the kids!

Great cocktails are also for adults, like this grapefruit cocktail here by Brita Olsen.

And here a drink for adults

Before we get to the dessert, which we see the menu at this tea party by Oh happy day just is. Salmon, cucumber, dill appetizers, spring salad, and many others still at the table.

This is a genuine cuisine inspired by the spring,

Easter ideas eating drinking tea party Oh happy day

This ice cream dessert of sugar & clothes is the perfect complement to the Easter menu. Its decoration is reminiscent of confetti, and thus it gives the atmosphere more festive mood.

It tastes good and is particularly trendy

The next example is a mini cake by Miss Jones with sprinkles on colored napkin of Susty Party .

They illustrate how a perfect color combination for the Festival can be made

Studio DIY has created this ice cream cone with rabbit ears. The candy contains white chocolate and melting of pink candy.

Is not tasty and valuable!

Easter cone Easter Bunny Studio DIY

Stylish decorating.

Fill an Easter basket with goodies or receive your guests with such a! In both cases, these decorations of benefit will be.

Paper & stitch has created gorgeous and precious candy in the form of eggs

This project from Oh happy day includes Rainbow theme.

Actually, it has tried to create an ensemble for Easter

How beautiful are these Studio DIYEaster eggs! With some color, you can create miracle, and lend a chic retro look of the Easter eggs.

Exhibit them in an Easter basket, and offer your guests to choose from. It would be a real pleasure!

Rather than fill the Easter basket with eggs, you can do that with these treats by A beautiful mess . With a few ingredients, you can quickly prepare them. You need only sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and Epsom salts.

Be creative and experiment!

These gift ribbons were created by man has painted bands from Mokuba cotton with diluted paint and fabric color.

The perfect manner, don’t you decorate a special gift for Easter?

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