Easy And Cool Easter Decor Crafts

Easter decoration original theme style festive basket

Some useful tips for handymen

Who knew silk fabrics can be used as reference for the Easter eggs. Old vinegar and hot water can be used also for the purpose.

Step 1:  Cut 5 square centimeters of the patterned silk (we have chosen black-white pattern to create the pictured effect, but the colorful patterns are also pretty and lively here). Put the egg in the middle of the fabric. Then bind the fabric to the egg and attach it with a loop or a rubber band. Our advice to you: You use brown eggs, then this homemade decoration will last longer.

Step 2: Put the eggs in a free pot and add enough water to cover them. Add four tablespoons of white vinegar. Let boil the water and then cook them over low heat 40 minutes.

Step 3: Remove the eggs with a tongs and let cool 20 minutes. From the cloth then wrap, to uncover the exquisite designs.

cool Easter eggs crafts

Easter decoration original theme style festive basket eggs

Cut a slice from the activity book with these sweet dishes. They are from an old dictionary pages tinkered. You can try this Austrahlt to decorate your Easter eggs.

Step: 1 cover a small bowl with Clingfilm and then invert the pan on wax paper. In another container, mix water and glue of the same mass.

Step: 2 then immerse the paper torn to shreds in the glue mixture, and immediately place it in a bowl.

Step: 3 Create a “nest” look by pushing forward the paper strips.

Step: 4 you can then dry everything for 12 hours. Then pull the foil carefully from the nest.

The dry wipe paint gives a new look this factual wooden animal figures. Drill a hole on the duck as it is shown on the screen. Apply three coats and allow to dry at least 30 minutes. Concatenate a string through the hole and use a marking pen to write children’s names on the label before you hang it on the tree of Easter or basket.

Exquisite Easter eggs

Easter decoration original theme style festive

Ask yourself, what is secret behind these floral beauties?  Jodi Kahn has used temporary tattoo paper.

Step 1: You need some photos, which you can download free from graphicsfairy.blogspot.com and thevintagemoth.blogspot.com .

Step 2: Arrange them in a Microsoft Word document and change their size so that they fit on the size of the eggs.

Step 3: Print the image on the tattoo paper, cut them out, then glue them to eggs.

Polished table set

Easter decoration original theme style festive basket table mat

The main ingredients for a feast are silk flowers such as French tulips, dogwood and cute placemats.

Step 1: Cut each flower by root.

Step 2: Experiment with the flower arrangements left of the mats. Use chalk to a master draw leaves or branches.

Step 3: Use needle and green or brown embroidery thread and follow the chalk mark before stitches.

Original idea for Easter

cool Easter decor craft felt ornaments

Blue box full of quail eggs

cool Easter decor DIY floral Blau box Spaniel

Interesting eye-catcher on the table

Easter decor DIY floral eye-catcher

Braided basket shows us fresh, fragrant spring flowers

Easter decor DIY floral Floral Strauß potted a

Sew covers for eggs

Easter decor crafts flowers felt bags covers

DIY wreath of flowers

cool Easter decor DIY floral floral vintage

Exceptional idea – fabric flowers

Easter decor DIY floral yellow Grün Blau Easter eggs

Small glass full of gems

Easter decor DIY floral gift glass

Delicious sweets for the little ones

cool Easter decor DIY floral Hick

Colorful, patterned wrapping paper

cool Easter decor DIY floral table accessories

Produce thematic brooch itself

cool Easter decor DIY brooch

Eggs stand made of metal

cool Easter decor DIY egg stand design metal

Yellow Easter Bunny made of felt

Easter decor craft felt Easter Bunny yellow

Large Bunny head made of paper with 3D effect

cool Easter decor DIY rabbit decoration

Rabbit ears prepare with existing material for the children

cool Easter decor DIY rabbit ears children game

Bring nature to the table

cool Easter decor craft cute wood box

Gift packaging for Easter

Easter decor DIY Easter eggs chicks

Issued patterned Easter eggs

Easter decor DIY Easter eggs patterns tulips

Blinds made of colored paper

cool Easter decor DIY Easter Bunny shade blindsEaster decor DIY Easter ornamentsunique candles on coconut cakes Easter decoration original theme style basket eggs