Festive Menu Recipes: Cook Your Own Easter Menu

Easter menu Easter dinner recipes Easter recipes recipes menu

Original Easter menu, which is easy to prepare?

No, we will confuse you with new recipes. Rather we want to give a tip, how to make something different on this Easter. Yes, we have many holidays. So, you have more than one way to treat the family with great food. Just we want to help you.

Easter recipes: traditional Easter bread with red Easter eggs

Easter menu Easter dinner recipes Easter recipes, Easter cakes red eggs

So, one day, you could something traditional and prepare another – folly! We have a menu that you want to try out perhaps at Easter, but perhaps also to an another great spring day.It fits very well with the festive occasion, but at the same time it can turn a simple tag to a special.

Poached egg with asparagus as a Starter

Easter menu Easter eggs as Easter recipes poached eggs with asparagus appetizer

Food, you know, but something else made…

This works good. Also if you keep our specific offer of today not for fit, you could accept at least this tip for themselves. Carefully consider which foods always very well arrive at your family. Then, you are looking for ideas as something different, something festive could prepare them. What do you think of ham, which however is flavored with a special Vermouth?

Fresh salad, which is thematically decorated for Easter

Easter menu recipes salad appetizer Easter Bunny Ohre

Spinach, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese

Easter menu recipes salad appetizer spinach tomato cheese

Spring salad with avocado and grapefruit

Easter menu Easter egg as an Easter recipes spring salad appetizer avocado grapefruit

The products

Tradition is tradition. It would be also a shame not to include fresh, even growing in the garden products in the menu in the spring, right? Why should you not choose because asparagus recipe, or for sweet carrots, spring potatoes, baby artichokes and strawberries?

Spring vegetables from the garden

Easter menu recipes spring vegetables Easter dinner recipes

Eggs as an appetizer

The Easter menu the eggs should have practical and theoretical reasons somewhere their place. As an appetizer, they were great fits. What do you think of boiled eggs with spices and ham? With ginger tea or an other ginger drink or soup, you would have a completely healthy solution.

Easter chicks

Easter menu Easter eggs as Easter recipes Appetizer Salad

Russian eggs – here you will find the recipe

Easter eggs Easter menu as an appetizer recipes

Mozzarella balls in halved tomatoes

Easter menu Easter eggs as appetizers Easter recipes Tomato mozzarella basil

Asparagus Salad

Also a great salad would have to include the Easter menu in our opinion. What’s asparagus? There are many variations. You could experiment with Arugula and gorgonzola cheese for a taste of the Mediterranean.

Asparagus dishes prepared at Easter

Easter menu Easter dinner recipes asparagus potato chicken

Asparagus with ham

Easter menu of asparagus dishes asparagus with ham entree

Asparagus with salmon fillet

Easter menu of asparagus dishes asparagus with salmon fillet

And once again ham in the menu?

Why because not! Ultimately, it is the Easter menu. Our offer would be to prepare Baked Ham with Rosemary and sweet Vermouth. Also, the drink whether alcoholic or not, should be no matter in this way.

Meat dishes for Easter

Easter menu recipes Easter recipes Escalope ham

To bake the potatoes in the spring with a great mixture of baby artichokes and fresh, matching spices from our garden. Again, you could opt for Rosemary.

Ham with Rosemary

Easter menu recipes ham chop Easter recipes Escalope

Roast meat with potatoes

Easter menu recipes ham Easter recipes holiday menu recipes

The dessert

We have something that is simple, what can taste very great and original, accordingly festive dessert, too. Mix a good Greek yogurt with honey and Crown it with strawberries, which had been dipped in Lavender.

Cheese cake with lime

Easter menu recipes dessert cheesecake lime

Easter carrot cake

Easter menu recipes dessert carrot cake Easter recipes

Small tarts with strawberries

Easter menu recipes dessert Easter recipes, Easter cake small tarts

Easter Bunny cake

Easter menu recipes dessert Easter recipes, Easter cake Easter Bunny

The Passover lamb is a traditional Easter cakes

Easter menu Easter recipes Passover Easter cake baking recipe