Happy Easter! -As We Celebrate Easter In Europe

Happy Easter-European traditions Easter

Happy Easter! So, is celebrated in Europe!

As one wishes Happy Easter in many different languages, most from the Pope liturgy for the feast in Rome know. The current father of the Catholic Church has helped through its tolerance also, not only Catholics to look to this celebration live on TV or on the ground.

Preparation for the coming Easter holidays in Vatican City

Happy Easter-European traditions of Italy San Pietro Vatican City

But long before him, the colorful traditions have contributed to Easter around the world to not only Christians look forward on this holy day. This happens as well as for Christmas, which is celebrated by people of other religions also.

San Pietro Basilica in Vatican

Happy Easter-European traditions of Italy Vatican

Easter was simply a sign of sense of joie de vivre and interpersonal love. Did you know that many Muslims as well as Christians in the tradition of egg such join for example on the Balkan region?

Pontifical Swiss Guard

Happy Easter-European traditions Vatican

But we make a solemn trip to Europe now!

In Russia , called “Kingdom of days” in translation Easter. As in other Christian Orthodox countries, this is the end of a long time of fasting, vegan eats and you taking any alcohol. As regards the time, falls with the Catholic one together, but as I said, is much more severe in modern times.

Easter liturgy in the Eastern Church

Happy Easter-European traditions Easter in Europe Russia liturgy

That’s why serves itself also very many vegan dishes on the table on the day. But it happen also many salads, painted eggs and a great combination of the two! The table is decorated with late spring green on the festive day.

On the Thursday before Easter to bake specific cakes. There are even the Kuliki – special cakes. In the evening you have the Pascha-a mixture of cottage cheese, cream, raisins, very many eggs and sugar.

Pasha – traditional Russian Easter cakes

Happy Easter-European traditions Pascha Easter cake Russia

On the night before Easter itself, and in the coming two days, one serves a range of meats, which are impressively varied and diverse.

Easter traditions in the Ukraine

Happy Easter-European traditions of Ukraine

In Ukraine you wish Happy Easter with raw eggs in his hand, which are pierced on both sides. Inside, they are so empty. Making them in beautiful colored patterns. They call themselves as a finished product “Pissanitsi”. The special tool which is used for the mural, called “Pissatchok”. Each element, which depends, has a meaning. You can draw it from a rich variety of symbols. They include geometric figures, Christian symbols, flowers, animals, birds.

Ukrainian Easter eggs “Pissanitsi”

Happy Easter-European traditions of Ukrainian Easter eggs

In Poland

Poland serves delicious meat pastries at Easter on the festively decorated table. Still, there are some domestic pastries and sweets, which you could enjoy wonderfully on the occasion of this festival.

Boy with a basket of Easter in Poland

Happy Easter European traditions of Poland young with Easter basket

Polish Easter traditions

Happy Easter-European traditions of Poland

The Finns

The Finns decorate their houses in yellow, green and white Easter. The kitchen is the room where you most come together and celebrated the Festival.

The Finns have a special bread for Easter, which very much resembles the cheesecake.

Semla – Finnish Easter pastries

Happy Easter-European traditions of Swedish cake Semla

Easter fun for kids

Happy Easter-European traditions of Sweden

Italians eat very tasty-cooked beef. Special sweet bread in the form of pigeons accompanied the Festival.

Delicious Easter cake according to Italian tradition

Happy Easter European traditions-Italian Easter bread

Now, do you “Happy Easter” congratulate your friends in another language and maybe steal the one or the other international idea for the brunch this year?

Happy Easter, we wish you with all my heart

Happy Easter-European traditions Easter in Europe

Decoration with blown-out eggs in Austria

blown Easter European traditions of Austria eggs

Paschal Street decoration in the capital of in the Czech Republic

Happy Easter-European traditions Prag Street decoration

Painted Easter eggs from Romania

Happy Easter-European traditions colourful eggs from Romania

5 eggs Easter bread from Portugal

European Easter traditions of Portugal five eggs bread

Easter bread with raisins

Happy Easter-European traditions of Easter bread with raisins

Magnificently decorated eggs – Sorbian Easter eggs

Happy Easter-European traditions colourful eggs painting

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter-European traditions colourful eggs

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