How Can You All Light Original Easter Eggs Shapes?

tape Easter eggs shapes Strip letters

Make your Easter eggs with original patterns that you can easily create

With graphic patterns, you might make these Easter eggs in fact easily and amusingly. Ask yourself how, we will tell you the following Vorgehnsweise step by step.

Here are the materials you need:

Tape/adhesive tape
White vinegar
Vinyl stickers, letter

Create a pattern according to your wishes

Easter eggs patterns figures Strip dyeing letters

1 step

Wrap a patrol tape at an angle to the egg (with letter patterns, make an egg, cover the vinyl letters on the egg)

The area that you want to, not dye with the tape cover

Easter eggs patterns figures tape

2 step

Place the egg into the already prepared yellow color a. (For preparation of colour a teaspoon need vinegar.) If the egg does a strong yellow color, get it out and dry it with a towel.

Now you have a yellow egg with an unstained spiral on it

original Easter eggs shapes pattern stripes yellow color

3 step

Pull off the tape and paste it vice versa as in the photo below.

And then the next spiral is

Easter eggs shapes pattern stripes yellow color

4 step

Repeat step 2 but use blue color this time.

The green color is created from the yellow and blue

Easter eggs shapes pattern strips three colors

And voila! You have the desired result. Now you can write something on the egg with waterproof marking pen or draw. Provide it with the name of the person you want to give it, and add a small greeting card. We wish you Happy Easter and many inspiring and creative craft ideas to achieve!

As ultimately know an Easter egg in four colors – yellow, blue and green,

Easter eggs shapes pattern strips end

Try to create the other two patterns on this photo

tape Easter eggs shapes stripes coloring sheets Bunny pattern