Napkin Fold, Creating A Creative Table Decorations For Easter

Napkin folds – technology for geometric and organic shapes

Looking for new techniques for napkin folding? We can offer you some interesting ideas. We have a number of geometric and organic forms of napkin for you. They are very popular.

Creative table decorations ideas for Easter with cloth napkins

napkin folding instructions bag rose fold cloth napkins

Fascinating triangles

The first three ideas for techniques for folding napkins have the triangle as a common element. It is form in all three. Of triangles, the mystical pyramid shapes are created. This form is based also the arrow tip. Triangles are also the shape of the bird of paradise.

Simple Falttechniten with cloth napkins

napkin folding instructions triangle fold cloth napkins


Gems and jewelry are another great source of inspiration for various techniques for folding napkins. You can tell that the great examples that follow. There are techniques for folding napkins, which make them look like diamond or Cone. You can reach similar character of the napkin design even if you apply the so-called French technique.

Learn the art of folding

napkin folding instructions table cover fabric napkin fold

Techniques for folding of napkins for dreamers

The following examples are strongly characterized by geometric shapes. You have also some adventurous and dreamy itself. They remind us of interesting stories about historical people, nature, travel and sea. This napkin folding techniques call each Bishop hat, Rosebud, and sailing.

Rose petal from a pink cloth napkin

napkin folding instructions Rose Tischdeko fold cloth napkins

So it is folded… Instructions in 8 steps

napkin folding instructions rose petal fold cloth napkins

Royal charm

The next three examples carry a certain Royal character. The geometry continues to play a very important role. These are the techniques for napkin folds, who call themselves each slide (slide), Crown and subjects.

Have the displayed napkin techniques enjoyed? Will they fit well with their modern interior?

Elegant table decoration with a masculine touch

napkin folding instructions suit table decorations fold cloth napkins

Napkin ring and festive dish in gold

napkin folding instructions fold elegant table decorations cloth napkins

Cute heart

napkin folding instructions table decorations heart-shaped fold cloth napkins

Checkered cloth napkins arranged with spring flowers

napkin folding instructions garden party spring flowers table decorations fold cloth napkins

Easter Bunny from fabric napkin fold – manual

napkin folding instructions table decorations Easter Easter Bunny fabric napkin fold

Thematic table decorations for the upcoming Easter holiday

napkin folding instructions Easter Bunny craft fabric napkin fold

For Christmas, there are also very original folding techniques

napkin folding Christmas table decorations fold cloth napkins

“Origami in the plate”

napkin folding instructions table decorations ideas fold cloth napkins

Blue fit a table decorated in a maritime style napkins

cloth napkin folding instructions maritime table decorations fold cloth napkins

Cutlery bag fold – manual

fold cloth napkins instructions cutlery Pocket table decorations fold cloth napkins

So fold napkins complicated figures

cloth napkin folding instructions fold cloth napkinscloth napkin folding instructions bird fold cloth napkins

More folding techniques can be found here

cloth napkin folding instructions several forms fold cloth napkins

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