Original DIY Easter Candles From Egg Shells Themselves DIY

Easter candles collage eggshells

DIY Easter candles from egg shells

Spring is coming up soon and we have again thought of Easter decoration. This year, we have pleasure on new creative solutions. It would be even better if the decorative items are sustainable and recycled. So we came across this great idea for DIY Easter candles. They look very original and at the same time gentle to nature. The good thing is, that you these candles or rather lanterns very quickly and easily can create. There are two main methods for this. The first is easier and you need less time for preparation and less materials and the second is a bit more difficult, but worth definitely try them also.

In the first case you need:

can be seen half-broken egg shells as shown below
as many candles as the egg shells
Egg carton or egg Cup
Food coloring of choice
some tablespoon vinegar
Decorate to taste

Easter candles egg shells cinnamon wax

How is it done:

Make sure that the egg shells are exactly as wide as the candles, because this should take care of it. Then carefully wash the shells and remove the thin pellicle. Now, the eggs for coloring are ready. Then take a bowl filled with warm water and pour 2-3 tablespoons vinegar and the desired food coloring in. Stir vigorously. In this way, prepare some dish with different colors. Then proceed with the actual dyeing. Each eggshell should remain in the solution for 10 minutes. Then allow to dry out the shells. Now you can place the candles in each shell quietly. So, your DIY Easter candles for the feast are done. You can put this nicely with other decorative items on the dining room table as a centerpiece and great eye-catcher.

More joy of life with fresh colors

Easter candle colored colorful egg-shells

Keep the egg carton

Easter candles egg shells egg carton colorful wax

For the second method, you need:

Empty egg shells
an old pot for boiling water
Candle Wicks
used candles, old birthday candles and beeswax
metal watering can for melting of the watchful

Carefully break the egg shells with a tablespoon

Easter candles eggshells nature broken

How is it done:

Prepare the eggshells as above described. Cover your work area with newspapers to promote the cleaning afterwards. Wax splashes are relatively difficult to remove. Fully put the pot on the stove with water and let the water boil. Then place the watering can on it and begin to melt the old candles and beeswax. The temperature must not exceed 50-60 ºc. Regularly check the thermometer and never leave wax unattended. Be careful! Above 120 ° C, the danger is that even the vapors are flammable. When the wax has melted, pour a lot of wax, which occupies three quarters of the volume in each eggshell. After 10-15 minutes, if the wax is slightly harder, gently insert the Candle Wicks into each eggshell or attach each a birthday candle in the center of the wax. At the end, you need only a little melted wax to pour the still around to make the whole thing even smoother. Before you light the candles, you should wait about 2 hours. Is left to them, whether you let the eggs tea in a box or otherwise arrange.

You can use small culms when fixing the Candle Wicks

Easter candles eggshell candle wick wax

This striking Easter candles fit to almost any kind of Easter decoration. You can dye them or leave them in their natural color. To do this, you can put fresh tulips and other spring flowers or place small Easter figures like chicks and bunnies. Just let your imagination run free and enjoy the Easter days! We wish you a nice Easter!

Original, purist Easter decoration

Easter candles eggshell beige purist decoration

Elegant with silver napkin rings

Easter candles eggshell white napkin rings silver

Complete with funny egg

Easter candles eggshell egg Cup brightly painted

Or make it very minimalist in white

Easter candles eggshell white egg-Cup porcelain

Glass candle holders are also a stylish idea

Easter candles eggshell candlestick egg Cup

If you are on sea motifs

Easter candles eggshell sea theme

You can decorate the egg candles with fresh Moss

Easter candles colored egg shells egg carton Moss

Or individually in the egg Cup

Easter candles eggshell egg cups Moss

Do you maybe more purple and pink?

Easter candles eggshell colored beads glasses

Romantic Easter

Easter candles burning egg shells colorful wax

Flash, strong colors are also recommended

Easter candles eggshells Flash colors white egg cups

Simple, natural elegance

Easter candles eggshells nature purist

Beautiful Easter decoration with roses

Easter candles eggshells Osterdeko Rosen

Curved vine pattern in black and white

Easter candles eggshells tendril pattern black white

Luxury cast in silver and gold

Easter candles sprayed eggshells Silver Gold