Sorbian Easter Eggs – Masterfully Hand-painted Creations

Sorbian Easter eggs coloured flower heart vine

Sorbian Easter eggs – traditional Slavic artworks

The Sorbs are a Western Slavic people which is recognized as a national minority in Germany and in Saxony and Brandenburg, living in areas of the middle and lower Lusatia. One of the main traditions of the Sorbs is decorating the Easter eggs. Meanwhile, the Sorbian Easter eggs have become so well known that almost everyone has seen this already somewhere. Look at the images in our collection. You will certainly recognize these magnificent creations. The Sorbian eggs decoration dates from the 17th century and is passionately practiced to this day. It is not a chaotic decorate of the eggs, but quite deliberately applied patterns and symbols. The egg itself is considered in the Sorbs fertility symbol – origin of life. At the beginning, only the sponsored children have gifted her godparents with Easter eggs and candy, but the custom has grown with time. Nowadays present family members, relatives and friends each other with brightly painted Easter eggs.

Sorbian Easter eggs designs

Sorbian Easter eggs filigree flowers

The most important symbols in the decoration are the Sun, which stands for life as a whole, the triangular figures associated with the Trinity or the family, and also the tree of life, symbolizing growth and fertility. Very often to see vines and star flowers. Easter symbols, you meet the cross and the lamb. The colors have also an important role in the Sorbian Easter eggs. For example the Red symbolizes love and power as well as friendship and magic. Traditionally, natural dyes are used such as onion skins, beech, alder cones.

Colourful warm nuances

Sorbian Easter eggs emptied eggs tendril pattern

The main techniques used in the design of the Sorbian Easter eggs are four. The etching is the oldest. Have used the Sorbs for formic acid and the lactic acid from sauerkraut. Another technique is the technique of wax. The egg is first spotted with hot beeswax and until the paint is applied. This developed into the embossing technique. Here, the wax is dyed before. Paint and wax together form a relief on the eggshell. The engraving technique is very complicated and delicate. Different patterns and figures in the already colored shell be scratched by scraping with a sharp object.

There are special Easter markets like this in loop, East Germany, where you can admire numerous Sorbian Easter eggs. If you are at this time of year, not far from the great opportunity and visit the Sorbian Easter market. We wish you lots of fun and Happy Easter!

Easter market in loop 2013

Sorbian Easter eggs Easter market loop

Each egg – a unique work of art

Sorbian Easter eggs hand dyed yellow red

Guest reception with bread and spices

Sorbian Easter eggs market customs bread

Traditional Sorbian costume

Sorbian Easter eggs traditional costumes

Filigree decorated Easter eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs wheat flowers heart

Strong masculine colours

Sorbian Easter eggs abstract art symbols

Monochromatic egg pendant with wax flowers

Sorbian Easter eggs pendant eggs wax technique

Dainty flowers and hearts

Sorbian Easter flower tendrils

Large basket full of colorfully painted eggs

Sorbian Easter colored eggs basket

Successful wax technique

Sorbian Easter eggs one-coloured wax technique

Fancy feats on wheat

Sorbian Easter eggs hearts flowers

Goose and duck eggs are decorated very much

Sorbian Easter eggs eggs eggs, goose

Wax flowers on solid eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs wax flowers basket

Stylized flowers and stars

Sorbian Easter eggs purple pink blue red

Symbolism of colors and patterns

Sorbian Easter eggs vine flowers star

Engraving technique demonstration

Sorbian Easter eggs engraving technique flowers

Wax technique in cobalt blue and Red

Sorbian Easter eggs red Blau Wachs

Macedonian Easter eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs Macedonian eggs

Croatian Easter eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs Croatian eggs fixed

Romanian Easter eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs Romanian Slavic eggs

Czech Easter eggs

Sorbian Easter eggs Czech eggs gold

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