The Amazing Easter Island – Take A Tour Of Our Great Photo Gallery

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Chile form the amazing Easter Island art glass

The mysterious Easter Island and its nature

Easter Island, still Rapa Nui is located a small island in the South Pacific and is considered as a special territory of Chile. Easter Island is famous for its large MOAI statues, which are carved by native Americans between 1250 and 1500 years. You are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, the largest part of this island belongs to the National Park of Rapa Nui.

Many scientists and writers mention the Easter Island as a metaphor for our planet, so they have become very famous.  It is believed that the indigenous people have died because they have used the natural resources excessively.  Some scientists say the thesis, global climate change and the use of resources lead to destruction of the planet, as did the population of Easter Island.

Peruse facts about Easter Island:

It is believed that the MOAI statues symbolize the various tribes on the island…

The small land area of the island was quickly overpopulated and the natural resources were consumed quickly

The amazing Easter Island

Chile hat the amazing Easter Island stones

The whole island was released in 1996 and the remaining Rapanui people have received the citizenship of the State of Chile

The official languages are Spanish and Rapanui, while the ethnic groups are Rapanui, Europeans and Indians

In 1995, the Easter Island is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage because of its archaeological treasures.

Some sculptures don’t have hats, others-

natural palm trees green the amazing Easter Island Chile

Easter Island is one of the abgesondertsten Islands in the world. It is located about 3,510 km west of Chile. The island is relatively small and its highest point is 507 metres above sea level. There is no permanent source of fresh water there.

Easter Island’s climate is called subtropical. There are mild winters and average annual weather is cool and rainy. The lowest average temperature is in July at the Easter Island about 64 ° F (18 ° C) and in February 82 ° F (28 ° C).

Similar to other Pacific Islands the landscape of Easter Island of volcanoes is dominated.

The Easter Island are considered to be an individual nature reserve of the ecologists. It is believed the island was dominated at the time of their first settlement of large deciduous forests and palm trees. Today, there are only very few trees and the ground is covered with grasses and bushes.

Photos of the Carnival and the unique costumes

Chile Hanga ROA amazing Easter Island

Playful faces

inhabitants Indian Carnival the fool the amazing Easter Island

Real joy

swing Easter Island inhabitants Indian Carnival Chile the amazing Easter Island

Songs and dances till late

inhabitants traditionally Dance Carnival the amazing Easter Island

Gorgeous, subtropical nature beautiful Easter Island Chile nature palms

The world-famous MOAI statues

travel the amazing Easter Island stone sculptures Chile

Enigmatic sculptures

Easter Island MOAI inhabitants the amazing Easter Island

Cool weather for years

Easter Island sky weather statue amazing Easter Island

Whimsical nights

night MOAI statues amazing Easter Island

Romantic, exotic atmosphere at the beach

romantic Easter Island MOAI statues nature

The biggest attraction for the tourists

source Easter Island nature no freshwater

The MOAI statues around the world attract tourist interest

original Easter Island tourist attraction

The amazing Easter Island to your attention – the Easter Island seen from above

Easter Island South Pacific Rapa Nui Island self

Underwater adventure

Easter Island underwater statue

Purple sky full of stars

purple sky the amazing Easter Island Chile star

Arrangement of the MOAI statues on Easter Island amazing

arrangement Easter Island MOAI statue

UNESCO World Heritage site

sky natural grasses Easter Island statues nature

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