Unique Cookies And Easter Pastries To Fall In Love

Have you prepared your Easter pastries already?

Mézesmanna is a very special confectionery in the Hungarian town of Ajka. Go but not just cakes and cookies, but genuine works of art. Boss Judit Czinkné Poór is actually the Leonardo da Vinci in terms of preparation and decoration of pastry specialities. Filigree decorated cookies with flower motifs, including the very well suited as Easter. They resemble the typical Hungarian folklore patterns and will spice up every Easter table in no time. The heart-shaped cookie model is no less original and admirable. The amazingly realistic swallow and the delicate poppy flowers spring mood and enchant with a profound love for the detail. Many of the pastries designs include delicate lace cream or marzipan. There are also those that are decorated in vintage style. Beautiful butterflies and roses adorn the unique delicacies that are especially for the fans of the antique look like real jewels.

Elaborate Easter pastries in heart shape

cookies of Easter swallow poppy handmade small pastries

The Mézesmanna offers not only Easter pastries, but also lots more cookies designs pastry shop. Some are rather for birthdays, wedding anniversaries particularly recommended for others. All have but something common – suitable as an excellent gift for young and old and bring joy and wonder about.

Hand skill, creativity and passion have combined here and are intuitive to feel in every single piece.

Hungarian folklore to nibble

Easter flower patterns flowers mezesmanna Hungary

On Instagram and Facebook, you can learn more about the technique of the Dekorierens and discover other beautiful cookie designs. Even courses that teach you as you lovingly can decorate your Easter cakes and eggs are offered by Mézesmanna. Check out below the video is, if you feel like it:

And if you randomly stop in Hungary or go on holiday there soon, you can visit the Mézesmanna pastry shop. It is worthwhile in any case. The only problem would be that you wanted to not eat your Easter pastries. Preferably, you would do it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Real works of art right to recognise and want to keep it easy for ever and ever. True sweet tooth but be of course not really stopped. In this sense – have fun try and decorate and Happy Easter!

For real vintage fans

Easter pastries handmade vintage design cookies

Have you tried the tasty cream lace?

Easter floral lace similar to spring flowers mezesmanna

Allow the cookies to personalize with monograms

Easter floral decorated Hungarian pastry cookies

Hand skill and attention to detail in a

Easter flower pattern mezesmanna Hungarian pastry

mezesmanna Easter flower pattern handmade square biscuits

cookies Easter pastries handmade flower patterns flowers osterdeko

rose cookies Easter pastries handmade

cookies Easter mezesmanna Hungarian pastry

handmade Easter uhu motif cookies

Easter bike cookies biscuits-handmade mezesmanna

Easter cat handmade cookies

Easter pastry mezesmanna pastry

Easter mezesmanna girl heart cookies

Easter dog handmade pastries mezesmanna

Easter cookies floral pattern spring flowers hand type power

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