These Five Things Should Be Remembered Before Changing The Electricity Tariff

If we want to change our electricity tariff, we have a huge choice. This brings many benefits to consumers, but could be challenging at the same time. There are many things that should be considered critically in advance. Mainly it is about the price-performance ratio of the product. In addition, the source of energy is of vital importance to the environment and, ultimately, to one’s own health. But it is not that complicated To change electricity supplier if you keep the following tips in mind when making your decision. Here they are too!

You can buy your electricity directly from the producer!

We all understand the difference between electricity suppliers and manufacturers, but in practice there are sometimes confusions. We usually have the opportunity to buy our electricity directly from a producer. This is the so-called direct sales. Of course this is not possible for all households – but you should check if this alternative exists for your home. Did you know that if you have the opportunity to produce your own electricity, you could become a producer yourself?

Take a closer look at the cost calculation before you change the electricity tariff!

Take a close look at the bills and you’ll see that there are separate costs for distribution and supply. The first aspect relates to the entire network of electricity providers, and the second – to the supply of electricity from your own household. In both categories, changes in time are quite possible. But you are more capable of controlling your own supply costs. Also, consider that higher-cost vendors tend to be at greater risk.

Would you like to cancel your old provider yourself?

If you want to change the electricity provider, you have two main options. Either you choose a new one first or you take some time between the termination and the new connection. If you decide on the first option, the new provider will take over the termination for you. In this case, everything sometimes takes only minutes! In the second case, you should carefully read the termination conditions and take the necessary steps yourself.

Plan everything so that you change the electricity tariff within 3 months

No matter what kind of termination you choose, you can take your time. If the new contract starts a little later after the termination of the old, you would still have electricity at home. In this case, you have the right to substitute care. If it does not work with the new contract within 3 months, then you have the right to basic services. The rates in both cases are comparable, but already much higher than the usual providers.

What kind of energy sources does your provider use?

After all, it’s about finding out what kind of energy sources each electricity provider uses. This is more about the responsibility for the environment and your own health. This question is not relevant to practical care. However, more and more depends on the individual decisions! So, in our opinion, you should consider this aspect as responsible and informed.