Which Palette Furniture Will Remain Current In 2018 – The Latest Designs

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The subject of pallet furniture also remains a leading position in terms of optical design and quality for the year 2018.

The article presents the most popular and, most importantly, the latest designs, which until now were unknown in the designer world. The designs are very easy to build. Using the ideas presented here, you can create a sensational DIY interior in a very short time.

In 2018, white-painted pallet furniture will surely be an absolute trend. The reason for this is that the white color fits well to almost any wall design, whether gray or navy blue, the pallet furniture will surely be a real eye-catcher.

A table made of pallets provides a stylish design

europaletten ideas

What colors remain in 2018?

You have certainly seen many pallet furniture in all color combinations, whether for the garden design or for the interior furnishing. The color and appearance play a decisive role in the overall appearance of the pallet furniture. The latest models are presented in the white nuances (warm white and dark white).

The natural color of the pallets can be combined very well with gray wall design.

You should plan the color combinations with Europaletten well

gray wall decoration nnaturfarbe

What pieces of furniture are up-to-date?

Since the summer season is already over, we are concentrating on the interior furnishings and the matching furniture made of pallets. The most recent DIY projects include the lounge sets. Wall shelves and the small tables that are normally positioned in the living room are also among the trends for the year 2017/2018. Lounge sets are still very up-to-date, as the design is very easy to build and you save a lot of money compared to the traditional lounge sets made of natural wood.

Square lounge sets ensure a pleasant atmosphere

diy pallet furniture

Pallet furniture fast and easy to plan and build

The first thing you should think about is how long and how big a lounge set should be. The height level can be made up of two or three pallets and the length of the entire lounge set can be selected according to your taste. These sets can have different shapes due to the positioning and also angular shapes are very often used in the interior setting. This way, you can design the living room with an angular lounge set and save a lot of space.

If you are not a big fan of the pallet furniture, then you can only build a small piece of furniture from pallets, such as a small table for your living room. One of the latest trends is the office interior of pallets. A large office table made of pallets creates a welcoming atmosphere and if you also work with customer care, the pallet furniture will play a big role for your work day. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are so skeptical about this idea. But for months now many office designs from palettes are presented worldwide and the interest in it is enormous.

Simple and visually perfect combination of Europaletten

modern bed in white

Inspire yourself from the perfectly selected palette furniture ideas in our picture gallery. The latest designs are very simple to build and in a few hours you can create a perfect interior design. Have fun browsing through the editorial team!

A creative table made of pallets is enough for your modern interior design

current furniture made of pallets

Europalettes have a natural look

europaletten design ideas

Pallet tables are very practical and flexible

ideas europalettes

The height level can be built from 3 pallets

lounge set pallet furniture

Position the table strategically in the room


furniture pallets

neutral white pallet design

pallets deco

pallet furniture outside

pallets natural color combination

bedroom bed made of pallets

pallet furniture diy

table of pallets

White pallet furniture in white

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