Bedroom furnishing – 6 practical tips for the design of small rooms!

Regardless of the size of our apartment, most of us want to have a separate bedroom. A little more. We wish us A fully equipped bedroom , Which includes beside the bed, still floor space, side tables and some further details. Oh, it must be stylish and not too full.

Do not worry, this is realistic and can work. Here are some good working strategies.

White, mixed with various other colors

We can not enlarge bedrooms by white color. However, for most residents, this is much too sterile and boring. So what can you do then? You can choose the white color Pastel tones With a few different nuances. It is best to use two of these. One color you should take for the accent wall and another for the rest. Wide niches and small areas can then be executed in a third color.

A neutral color makes the small bedroom much bigger

Bedroom furniture in pastel nuances

Thin white curtains

Thin white curtains are not sufficient for the window design in the bedroom itself. These should be combined with blinds or other curtains for blackout. But the white curtains of light material have great decorative meaning. They bring a certain lightness into the room, which also makes it seem much wider.

Thin white curtains give the bedroom a fresh look

White duenne curtains in bedroom design ideas

White curtains bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture and a dramatic appearance

When you enlarge the small bedroom, you can use not only visual but psychological tricks. Through a dramatic design, you draw attention from the narrowness. A typical strategy would be an accent. Further possibilities would be the use of designer furniture and the combination of minimalist design and few but effective accessories. Let a designer hanging lamp or a sofa with unusual form steal the show in the room!

Geometrical figures on the wall create an optical illusion

Geometric bedroom furnishings ideas

Geometric wall in the bedroom

Let the boundaries between interior and exterior blur

The beautiful view from the window is an opportunity you should absolutely use. You should create a bedroom, which blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior. The first possibility would be correspondence in colors and forms. Furthermore, the minimalist, neutral design, combined with large windows, can make the interior look particularly strong.

Set up a bedroom – you can let nature into the house through some larger windows

Bedroom furniture in green

Sundandan style bedroom tips bedroom set up

Leave as much tread as possible

The modern interior design strategies allow us to bring practically everything to the wall. This applies to the decoration as well as to the floor space, the lighting and other accessories. Consider different harmonious concepts, with as much tread as possible. Perhaps you can integrate a high bed and use the space for a wardrobe or other purpose?

Bedroom furniture – collapsible pieces of furniture can be used in a small room

As the small bedroom can look big

Collapsible bed for the bedroom

Mirror and lighting

Ultimately, we would like you to use clever Reflect And space lighting. Through this, you can make the bedroom much bigger and more comfortable. The mirrors have this ability anyway. The smaller the number and the larger the individual pieces, the stronger the effect. The cleverly installed luminaires will illuminate the room and expel the darkness from the remote corners. Immediately, this makes any bedroom bigger and more comfortable.

Wardrobe with a large mirror door would be another cunning idea for the optical magnification of the small bedroom

Small bedroom furnishing ideas

Mirror in the small bedroom