Interior design in the Boho style creates new shapes and color combinations!

Well functioning interior furnishing ideas in Boho style

Reality can be very beneficial to a healthy degree. The Boho style in the interior design is just as one. How can you do that Boho flair Light and modern in their own interior, we would like to show in the next lines.

Wall colors in Boho style

Colorful wall design in a funny style

The Bohème style goes beyond the limits of the ordinary

Boho style innendesign flur furnishings

Grell, bold, conspicuous, warm and cold combined – these are the wall color ideas in Boho chic style. They are reminiscent of natural phenomena, they are adventurous and dynamic. Very often, they are inspired by ethno-motifs and the theme of travel.

Remarkable textiles

Boho chop on the ground lay

The matching pillow cases refresh the atmosphere and bring a lot of mood

Clever decoration ideas for the home

Bed linen in the Boho style is available in rich selection and has different colorful ornaments and motifs

Textiles in boho style

The decoration with textiles is typical of the Boho style. Let them dominate the interior and introduce unexpected aspects. Textiles can also be exchanged fairly easily at home. That’s why the Boho style can appear quite different in the different seasons. Patchwork textiles with retro motifs would be very fitting.

Through the Boho style you put a special emphasis on the DIY furniture in your home

Boho colorful chair DIY ideas

Give the old and supposedly useless furniture a vintage look!

DIY furniture as an eyecatcher

Of the Boho style Is also suitable if you want to have DIY furniture dominated in your interior. Artfully painted and patterned furniture would be the ideal choice in such a case.

Turn the doors into a real work of art

Boho tuer yourself

With the Boho style, you can set an accent in an eclectic interior. Examples of this would be the doors. Just like the furniture, you can be interesting, e.g. In vintage style painted and painted. The interior can be designed in a completely different style. Of course, there should be some accents that correspond to it.

Bathroom and kitchen equipment with Boho elements

The Boho elements can also spice up the kitchen and the bathroom. They can be a refreshment in an older room that needs a renewal only in a certain area. What do you think of a kitchen backdrop with Boho-style tiles?

This casual style revives old furniture

Boho vintage bathroom furnishings

The Bohème facility provides a fresh look for your kitchen

Colorful tiles in the kitchen

In the following video you will find detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily convert the old marble tiles into colored vintage tiles for his Boho kitchen

The bright colors catch the eye and create an artistic feeling!

Boho style interior fittings tips

Lately, the Boho style is enjoying an ever-increasing interest because it fires the Fanta It intertwines numerous elements, which at first sight can not be combined

Moerner boho style in small apartment

Unconventional motifs and forms are based on the Bohème style

Boho is totally in

Boho style bettwaesche buy

Pillowcases with rich ornamentation and different motifs

New trend in interior design

Patchwork is a main element of the boho style

Boho style living room design

This colorful patchwork dresser fitted perfectly to your interior design in Boho style

If you are not confident of this DIY task, simply spread the old cabinet in any glare

A vintage cabinet in boho style