Scandinavian Living: Much More Than A Trendy Homecoming

“Scandinavian living”has been on everyone’s mind for some time. It is about a residential trend, which is characterized by elegant simplicity and optimal functionality. Similar to the Bauhaus style, the Scandinavian interior design is followed by the form of the function and not vice versa. This also results in the practical character and the clear profile of Scandinavian furniture and in general from one Decor in Scandinavian . The human being and his needs are always the focus, and we do without any unnecessary decorations and flourishes. This also includes the proverbial Scandinavian clarity, which at the same time provides comfort and well-being. It is mainly due to the supple, organic forms, light woods, natural materials and soft pastel tones, which are abundant in a Scandinavian home.

Would you like a successful mix of styles in Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian living But is by no means strict and dull. But on the contrary. The Scandinavian style of living is quite adaptable. It is also the perfect backdrop for a casual mix of styles, perfect for any season setting. This not only creates more cosiness in your own four walls during the winter, but also provides for pleasant ease and freshness in spring, for example. The Scandinavian interior is not only preferred for large residential areas. Even small apartments can be very well designed thereby. You can see it right here, with a cozy, Scandinavian apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Scandinavian living – the small apartment practically furnish

Scandinavian living small apartment kitchen dining wall shelter bedroom

Small but nice …

The apartment has only 57 m², but is bright and welcoming. The relatively small living space is enriched by a cozy inner courtyard, where you can spend a lot of time with the family and the neighbors. At the entrance you can immediately feel the relaxed atmosphere that awaits you here.

An open brick wall in a red brick fireplace and discreet white wardrobes ensure a pleasant, harmonious contrast and the wooden floor, which is present in the whole apartment, provides additional comfort.

Living in the flow

Straightforward design and smooth textures and fronts also determine all other rooms. The kitchen is decorated in white and is ergonomically designed. The cooking and dining areas are clearly defined, yet there are nowhere to be felt. One is everywhere in a very pleasant balance – living room, bedroom, bathroom…

Enjoy this flowing flow feeling and look at it all in peace again! Is”Scandinavian living”the right thing for you?

Ergonomic kitchen in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interior style white kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian living kitchen furniture white cabinet matt metal hood

Lightness in white

Kitchen furniture scandinavian dining table pendulum wall shelf

Nordic Schlafoase in soft tones

Bedroom scandinavian furnishings light blue wall wallpaper
Scandinavian living room double bed walltape clouds built-in wardrobe
Scandinavian living white walls floor kitchens furnishings
Scandinavian living flureerichting white closet brick wall
Scandinavian living small apartment furnishing brick wall seat
Scandinavian living nordic living room open plan kitchen work area dining room wall shelf
Scandinavian living small apartment book shelves white chest of drawers round couch
Scandinavian living small apartment furnishing dining table chairs light black
Living room interior scandinavian lifestyle round glamor dining table wood chairs
Scandinavian living small apartment living room furnishing retro furniture round couch
Scandinavian living small apartment nordic furniture sofa round glamor bamb chair retro closet
Scandinavian living nordic interior design dining table chairs round side table chest of drawers
Small bathroom set white wall tiled white
Scandinavian living small apartment courtyard dining table outdoor furniture